26.12.08 | Aww Eartha... your timing was perfect. As usual

I first saw Eartha Kitt about 20 years ago as a teenager and i thought out loud "Eww! Horror!"

She didn't look... quite the prettiest woman in the world, and her stage show seemed... so quiche!

(Yes, new expression)

But then i heard Santa Baby, for the first time, about eight years ago. And just swooned out loud. And saw the young person she was. Thought "Phwoarr!" And decided i could forgive her anything after that.

So i found a picture of the young Eartha, not the old, and am amused that it is a Norwegian magazine cover. Hello to my very few secret blog readers in Norwayyy!

That song is oozing lust and pash! What an awesome woman!



  2:07 am :. Blogger LiVEwiRe hollered thusly:

I never knew that was her in that particular version. She sounds wonderful and I've always been a fan of the song. You sound like me - a voice will get you before (and override) almost anything else. ;)

  4:00 am :. Blogger {illyria} hollered thusly:

ooohhh, i've always loved that song. and i think it's always awesome...hearing her. :)

happy new year's, dear!

  5:22 pm :. Blogger Ginger Doll hollered thusly:

and we lose another...dear old Tony Hart left us yesterday. All my childhood cultural references are departing :-(

Hope u are well, my dear. GD xx

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