23.9.05 | Introducing the all new singin' an' dancin' Saturnynes Lounge!

Helloooo and welcome back good sirs and ladies. Please, let me guide you around The New Lounge!

Perhaps the first thing you may notice is the ever pretty Eye of Sauron thingy, sitting all scarily in the background there like a mad uncle... nicked it from the hubble telescope archives we did... Over on the right *waves hand expansively* is a lovely lovely Nautilus shell, carefully placed to show off something symbolic and analogous (Is that a real word, btw?) exactly what, I have no idea yet. But it looks most attractive. Underneath that is the linkage, all nicely alphabetized. If yer names not on it, then mebbe you need to send me nice wine and chocolate as bribery.

Above that is the "Stalkers Section" wherein all you bloggers and bloggerettes can find out extra stuff about me and what i've been dancing badly to on my iPod (I have in fact invented a new dance style, which i proudly call "The Cretin Hop"). Do try not to drool too much here, btw... after all -i've just had the place re-decorated. I don't want pools of goo lying around in the corners, y'know!

And dahn at the bottom is the copyrights and credits and wotnot. Wherein you learn who made all of this possible, but not the price of bribery. Personally, i think i got a pretty gooood deal!

That's all for this first post of the New Saturnyne Millenium. Now go comment or face the wrath of my otters!


  5:21 am :. Anonymous Definitely Not Tam hollered thusly:

Paul sucks!

  5:51 am :. Blogger The Saturnyne hollered thusly:

i never did!



  8:26 am :. Blogger transience hollered thusly:

oh, i like it. can i lounge about a bit? everything just seems so yummy, see.

  10:21 am :. Blogger Astolath hollered thusly:

Welcome back sir! You have been missed!

Nice new look too - must do something to update my own blog - it's looking very ordinary in comparison.

  12:48 pm :. Blogger Star hollered thusly:

Welcome back!
I baked a chocolate cake just for you! I put it over there *points* It's delicious! ..Not that I tried any. Cos I didn't. I'm just saying you know, it just looks really good..
So! Anyway!

  1:49 pm :. Blogger onanymous hollered thusly:

Ah, welcome back, Mr Sat!

Love the new look, very celestial.

  2:07 pm :. Blogger Herge Smith hollered thusly:

Welcome back Mr S.

Your place is more stylish than ever.

  3:13 pm :. Blogger Teufel hollered thusly:

Sat is finally back from the Death, resurrected, better, stronger... Welcome to this realm again, Mr. Saturnyne.


  3:24 pm :. Blogger Cece hollered thusly:

Very cool outer spacey thingy of a feeling.
If'n you don't mind, I'll just make myself comfortable and lay about...

  3:24 pm :. Blogger Darkchild hollered thusly:

Sat!!! Yay!!! You're back!
*dances around*

Cool place you have sir ;)
See ya!!


  4:47 pm :. Blogger me hollered thusly:

yay for Tam and Sat collaborations.

  5:20 pm :. Blogger The Saturnyne hollered thusly:

Yeah! it do look a bit good, don't it?

May i refer your eyes to the most pretty nautilus shell *waves expansively with added nonchalance*

THat bit was my idea!

*looks ridiculously proud*



  9:49 pm :. Blogger dr.v (Not a narcotic Pez dispenser) hollered thusly:

OMG! wow! Que bonito! (as i fall to my knees) One can never go wrong with the paintings of the universe. I promise i won't drool but i can't guarantee i won't faint. Do u know CPR?

Sorry, i didn't bring any ETOH. U never told me what u preferred to toast with. As soon as i'm off the floor, i'll go get whatever u what.

  12:10 am :. Blogger 3rd daughter hollered thusly:

welcome back! i'm a bit late getting here and all the biscuits are gone. gorgeous gorgeous work in the new lounge.

btw, i'm sorry your retinas are singing :) i borrowed the template from starbuck and had to fix the colours.

  12:27 am :. Blogger RA Michael hollered thusly:

welcome back!

its about time...

  12:24 am :. Blogger Jessie hollered thusly:

Wokkid!! Which is keeweee for great shakes! n stuff!!

  12:52 am :. Blogger LiVEwiRe hollered thusly:

Fabulous, the Rev has returned! Lounging is once again permitted. although, I am quite a fan of otters... I may take chances! =) The new look is spectacular.

  3:20 am :. Blogger stella hollered thusly:

you were so worth waiting for. i'm just glad you're back, galaxies and stars and all... :)

  11:51 am :. Blogger SingleFin hollered thusly:

Dude! The Sat returns! (sits in office making crazy beat-boxing noises) oh yeah, oh yeah, oh yeah...

  1:24 pm :. Blogger The Prisoner hollered thusly:


nice new look, now you can join the 'shiny new template club' with janey and yours truly.

cretin hop eh? sounds suspiciusly like a ramones track to me...

  2:12 pm :. Blogger Star hollered thusly:

I'm SO your Number One Fan!

  7:25 pm :. Blogger Starbuck hollered thusly:

May I be the first to welcome you back to one of my own Comments on your blog.

It's rather marvellous to see your wonderful words in freso-o-matic style, rather than eternally haunting your printed archives that I dutifully wallpaper my house with.

OK OK, I know I'm four days late, but I've been building up my excitement to explosive levels here...

  1:09 am :. Blogger Teufel hollered thusly:

So, does Mr. Saturnyne need any VISA to visit Earth?
I hope not!


  4:52 am :. Blogger Amanda hollered thusly:

oh according to the tamiam blog she did a great job and i agree.

  5:05 pm :. Blogger Motormouth hollered thusly:

Welcome back!

  12:26 am :. Blogger The Saturnyne hollered thusly:

Strange! I'm sure there was a comment by Janey, lying around here somewhere...

Heya M.Mouth... i'm not sure if i've added yr blog to my links, sirr... but rest assured, i shall be doing.

Heya Iridescent! no 1 fan, eh? Totally flattered... totally!

Hi Amanda... nice to see a new commentee... yup, she sure did. Worth every squid/ every penny.

love to all.


PS: Go see Tams blog for extra amusement on how she creates blogs...

  9:51 am :. Blogger helen hollered thusly:

I like the shell.

It looks like a spiral staircase viewed from above in an old Hitchcock movie like 'Vertigo' or something like that.

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21.9.05 | While we await my imminent return...

Which will be in a matter of days (Apologies for the delay bollocks, dear reader)

Here are two of my favourite pictures to while away the time between

It may be a cliche to love Van Gogh and his sunflowers, but fuuuck- have you ever seen them? They really are something to behold... the one shown here is, i think, based in London. I saw it once, when i was a child. Captivating. The painting came into my view and i was held there, spellbound. It was like all time itself had held its breath, or ceased to be. So vibrant! So wonderful! Then my view was blocked by some tossy adult standing in front of me and waxing lyrical to his lady companion about how much he knew about art. And of course the conversation wasn't even really about art, but about his desire to get her into bed...

Years later i discovered the story behind the paintings. I shan't bore you with repeating the details here, but needless to say, they were made with the kind of passion few have known. Are all artists mad as hatters? Consumed by their fervour? From the many biographies i've read while studying art history, i would say yes, (except for Salvador Dali. He was a total faker). And Van was perhaps the maddest, not to mention saddest, of them all...

This next painting is by a Mr Klimt. He's a bit good at pash as well, is Mr Klimt. Entitled "The Kiss" the young couple enraptured by each other, in the throes of first love, perhaps? Surely it must be so, look at all the shininess and colours! nothings yet been leached out of their love by years of knowing one another, accredited indifference... Meanwhile a precipice hangs around like an allegory! Or an awkward younger brother needing a bribe to leave the room...

So... when exactly is this new blog thingy going to arrive, you ask?

This week. Weekend at latest. Just finishing off the title, we are. Also the picture and blurb.
Ah, the light at the end of the tunnel draws near... And such stories i have for the telling!

PS: These pics are dedicated to Yoli. Who happens to be a bit lovely. =}


  10:49 pm :. Blogger dr.v (Not a narcotic Pez dispenser) hollered thusly:

Sunflowers!!! i have a strange desire to lick them when i see them (don't ask why) :)

Now i have a whim for sunflowers...would be nice to have some fresh ones in the house to welcome autumn's arrival.

Very lovely images...made my day so much brighter

  11:46 pm :. Blogger Jessie hollered thusly:

I love Klimt. I think art is one of the very best things about the old world.

  11:47 pm :. Blogger Teufel hollered thusly:

Very beautiful, indeed... many times what's important is not if the painting is beautiful, but to transmit a message. The second painting reminded me of my love and me, during those happy days... how much i miss her, and being with her.
Sat! We are waiting for you! Good to see you have come back from the Unknown Realm to crawl in the surface of Earth again.

  12:17 am :. Anonymous Anonymous hollered thusly:

I think sunflowers are actually in Amsterdam - either in the Rijksmuseum or the Van Gogh museum itself...

And don't feel ashamed to love Van Gogh - his paintings are famous for a reason - he's good!

  2:57 am :. Blogger transience hollered thusly:

i'm just strangely tickled to have proof of saturnyne life.

  3:29 am :. Blogger B hollered thusly:

yes, all artists are mad. i know. i love and live with one.
lovely post, and so glad you're coming back. looking forward to much much more...

  4:17 am :. Blogger The Saturnyne hollered thusly:

Dear anon.

There is more than one "Sunflowers" painting in the world... if i recall, Mr Van did at least three of this type, and certainly several others beside... i'm pretty sure (although not 100%) that the one i'm showing you is the one i saw in London... Which can be seen at The National Art Gallery.

Dear everyone else: How lovely to see you all here again! How i missed your company through the grim summer months.


  5:45 pm :. Blogger LiVEwiRe hollered thusly:

Looking forward to the return...

  9:09 pm :. Blogger Aberrant Templar hollered thusly:

You have returned?


  9:12 pm :. Blogger dr.v (Not a narcotic Pez dispenser) hollered thusly:

i did have to let u know that those "Sunflowers" are indeed in London :)


  4:06 am :. Anonymous Anonymous hollered thusly:

Now you've got me thinking. I really enjoy this blog, I'll definitely pop around more often, keep it up!

Feel free to pay a visit to my Canada immigration site. It might not be your "cup of tea", but it covers Canada immigration related topics.

  7:07 am :. Blogger The Saturnyne hollered thusly:

Dear anon,

yeah, imean Canadian Immigration is soooo my hobby!

Why, just the other day, i was saying to myself "I really must do more for Canadian Immigration! 20,049 people just isn't enough!"

Perhaps if we can re-introduce slavery for a bit, then i can rilly push the boat out (Or at least the slaves will) Soon have the numbers in six and seven figures in no time at all.

Yeah, you've really made me think, too! Thanks! Thanks a lot! No really! THanks ever so very fucking much! I will be totally eternally grateful!


  1:42 pm :. Blogger onanymous hollered thusly:

"There is only one difference between a madman and me.
I am not mad."

Salvador Dali

I was just as awed by those sunflowers in the National Gallery when I set eyes on them for the first time.

  4:46 pm :. Blogger me hollered thusly:

yay! I'm glad you're back, and your blog looks lovely!!!

I know the feeling of seeing and being spellbound by Van Gogh... When I saw starry night at the ARt Institute of Chicago, I had tears in my eyes...

  8:16 pm :. Blogger dr.v (Not a narcotic Pez dispenser) hollered thusly:

i keep getting drawn to Klimt's piece EVERY time i come here....SUCH vibrant colours.....excuse me if i linger too long :)

  3:24 am :. Blogger stella hollered thusly:

among other things, you do have fine taste in art. mr. klimt has been one of my very favorites for years!

  8:27 pm :. Blogger James Raymond hollered thusly:

I can definitely relate to that. Before considering much else, I pretty much decided that Canadian immigration is my best option and although I have been tempted to reconsider from time to time, I can't help but think about how much the 2000 elections have changed things for us (and not for the better I'm affraid).

I really enjoy this blog, I'll be back!

  10:09 pm :. Blogger The Saturnyne hollered thusly:

Oh james...

I was being ironic.

Normally i would have deleted your comment without a thought, thinking that you were spamming me (All bloggers get spammed with people advertising their sites), but felt sufficiently amused to reply... imean!-Canadian immigration! Who would advertise such a thing? I almost thought that you were working for the Canadian government... is Canada short of peeps, do you think?)

But yr always welcome to drop in.

No advertising of sites in comments, though. They're more than likely to get instantly deleted, unless i'm in a good mood, or they happen to be hillariously funny or thought-provoking...


  4:55 pm :. Blogger Sian Rathore hollered thusly:

Klimt's art is simply beautiful. I'm glad we share another common interest! IErm, I shall go now. Kinda wish I had a philosophical comment or lyrics to post, but alas, I don't. I'm just plain me.


  10:51 pm :. Blogger The Saturnyne hollered thusly:

Hey Sian!

Lovely to see ya... Sneaking in yr comments under the radar of the top post, too... but The Saturnyne Sees all... knows all! Except on Friday evenings.


I'll catch you on msn soon, i hope.


  6:10 am :. Blogger dr.v (Not a narcotic Pez dispenser) hollered thusly:

Canadian immigration giving u problems again?

ur too witty!

  2:11 pm :. Blogger Rrramone hollered thusly:

Klimt is sweetness. Nice blog you got here. :-)

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