30.8.07 | The Deep Breath Before The Plunge

So the reason i've been a little lax updating this blog of late, is my having been involved in the World of Warcraft game. Something i have been involved in for around 2 years now.

Non WoW readers might want to skip this post, as it is aimed mainly at the people i play with and talk to ingame

I have made some incredibly good friends in that time and lost some, too. People, young and old from all across Europe i have met. And all on a little EU server called Dragonblight. I played just about the ugliest troll you could imagine and caused havoc and mayhem throughout the lands with my bow, spear and pet piggy, Pancetta Frou Frou... but mainly with my wit and charm and terrible, terrible murderous puns.

Some of the very best people i have known there were in a couple of fine guilds called XSS and Mythos. However, for personal reasons, i have felt a little at odds with the game recently, so i left them and joined another called Shadow Wolves, where i am hoping i can re-find my love of this remarkable game... already i am finding new and fun people, while missing very much the old. I don't know how long i will continue to play... but until i stop... i daresay i will keep my hand in with the wit, charm, and terrible, terrible puns...

This post is from V. ,The Great Vommit, to you. All my good friends
. Old and new


  7:26 pm :. Blogger LJ hollered thusly:

Friends are good. Glad you're ok, thought of you last week when stood in a second hand book shop with a penguin orange and white classic edition of Jurgen in my hands (£10 in case you're wondering - very old it was, with a gatefold cover).


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29.8.07 | Sad Cat

Knew i'd left this blog lying around here somewhere

*gives blog a quick dust down*

Older readers of this blog may remember my ever so beautiful cat photos of yore and the ever so noble and proud Jude in his dazzlingly heroic collar.

I recently re-visited my friend and Jude and am startled by just how old he is and how changed he is from the keen, interested and goddam-get-him-offa-me-he's-sticking-his-claws-into-my-shoulders-and-oh-bollocks-that's-another-item-of-clothing-ruined-can't-this-cat-remember-that-he-can-contract-his--bastard-claws-kind-of-pussy-cat
The cat i saw yesterday. Old, anxious, wary... it was a furry mirror of what we will become in old age... and i can't say i liked it... Jude who loved me and stared curiously and with intent into my eyes with affection unlike any other cat i have met- he did not know me anymore... or if he did, i was a memory of a flickering shadow in a distant and dusty room.

It made me sad. I love him so.

next up, probably, that much promised meeting with superstars!



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