8.8.12 |

"Once was a lover with a silver voice. Said she could grow accustomed to my face..."

To you, if you should ever come by here one day. I loved you as truly and as simply as a person could love another. No artifice in my designs. No motive at all, save to give you all that i might. To lift you up higher than i could reach with my own hands.

You never seemed to understand me. I wish i knew why. Always reading darkness into my words where none existed. Now both our lives are that much poorer for you having walked away. I watch you from afar. I see the patterns you create that shape your life for years to come and i am so frustrated for you. You can be so much more than this. You can find so much more and i hurt and hurt and hurt to see you grow distant and beyond my ability to help lift you up. You used to make me smile so.

You will never know lasting peace or tranquility until you confront the demons that rage within you. I thought i could help. But i cannot. In the end a person can only be helped if they want to be.

I miss you. I don't know why. You made me cry as much as laugh, but i tried to see beyond the rages to the inner you. I thought there was a beauty in there.

I hope you are well when you see this. Perhaps i will be long gone by then. Perhaps you won't even remember me and i'll be a half-remembered ghost. Nothing much of any consequence.



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