9.5.09 | Blue, Birthday, Bath. Spider, Sleeping and Sound. Blue and Fluffy

I celebrated my Nth birthday recently... gah!

It started nicely with a rescue of a tiny spider i found in my bath. Usually any insects venturing into my bathroom are taking their lives in their... um... Pincers? Claws? Leggy things? And indeed i did make a preliminary assault on it with a hopefully quick clean drowning... but alas it evaded the swirling waters in a mad panic... and seeing that, i paused and felt a twinge of guilt at my attempted murder. The guilt increased as the poor wee thing then sat seemingly resigned to it's fate in the centre of the killzone...

"No!" i suddenly decided in a Groundhog Day moment. "No! No creature shall die in my general vicinity on this day while i can help it! (although i reserve the right to genocide if anything lands on my food or disturbs me during those tender private moments of human life)"

Which was a bit of a pisser as i'd planned to go and kill loads of stuff today. Ah well...

So i got all anglic on its ass, threw it into a cup, gave it a free ride to the outdoors, threw it out of the cup and then tottered sleepily back indoors all beatific and smug with myself to await the milkman before zipping off to bed. It's a goood day!

But then the bastard milkman decided to be on holiday, leaving his milk-round in the hands of lesser mortals.... who then, deliberately -deliberately, i say!- and with great malice, then decided to leave the wrong kind of milk. I know what you're thinking. you're thinking "how dare they?!?! String them up! I shall write to my MP forthwith and have them hung on poor Mr The Saturnyne's behalf before the day is out!"


Troubled with my now less-than-saintly thoughts, i still managed to start my cameras sky project before going miserably to bed with added thoughts of a quality-milk-free birthday.

Only to be awakened 2 hours later by some bastard on a fork-lift truck vrooming around and picking things up... all fucking day long! Which was very unsporting of him. I let him know the extent of my anger by waving my fist through the curtains at him while shoving the pillow over my head with the other hand.

Well, that's my day completely fucked. Was meant to go out to a friends in the evening, but such is my tiredness by 4pm, that i fall utterly asleep and don't wake up until 6pm the next day.


Anyway.... above is the birthday pic i took for my sky project (this one from my camera-phone)... am aiming for subtle, with the drama being in the viewers own eye.

but then again, skies have a way of showing you things. Below is a sky pic i sent to da Pumpkin, taken on the morning of her birthday. I think i shall do this with all my friends from now on.


  12:27 pm :. Blogger carlberry hollered thusly:

I'd write to my MP but she's too busy fiddling expenses (or paying back fiddled expenses, I forget which now).

Anyway what I wanted to say was that it was an EXTREMELY large value of N, wasn't it Satty Babes ?

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