26.12.08 | Aww Eartha... your timing was perfect. As usual

I first saw Eartha Kitt about 20 years ago as a teenager and i thought out loud "Eww! Horror!"

She didn't look... quite the prettiest woman in the world, and her stage show seemed... so quiche!

(Yes, new expression)

But then i heard Santa Baby, for the first time, about eight years ago. And just swooned out loud. And saw the young person she was. Thought "Phwoarr!" And decided i could forgive her anything after that.

So i found a picture of the young Eartha, not the old, and am amused that it is a Norwegian magazine cover. Hello to my very few secret blog readers in Norwayyy!

That song is oozing lust and pash! What an awesome woman!



  2:07 am :. Blogger LiVEwiRe hollered thusly:

I never knew that was her in that particular version. She sounds wonderful and I've always been a fan of the song. You sound like me - a voice will get you before (and override) almost anything else. ;)

  4:00 am :. Blogger {illyria} hollered thusly:

ooohhh, i've always loved that song. and i think it's always awesome...hearing her. :)

happy new year's, dear!

  5:22 pm :. Blogger Ginger Doll hollered thusly:

and we lose another...dear old Tony Hart left us yesterday. All my childhood cultural references are departing :-(

Hope u are well, my dear. GD xx

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10.12.08 | Thank you thank you thank you, Mr Postgate!

Childrens TV used to be a beautiful thing in England, back in the 70's. In fact, probably from the 50's onwards until the mid 90's.

Everything was innocent, though... really until the 80's, when commercialism and the need for ratings began strangling the creativity out of much of the telly media for kids. Holidays were bestest!

I don't know about before i was born, but every summer i spent as a child, mornings on television belonged to children. And every weekday from just before 4pm until around 6pm was a childrens tv time. And it continued on BBC2 a further hour until 7! Woo!

Nowadays, children are fed a diet of "zany, wacky" quiz shows presided over by presenters who obviously are trying too hard to "get in with the kids" and are obviously a few pennies short of a pound. Or something vaguely comical and dramatic with the kind of overacting that would embarrass Christmas Panto! And the rest is cheap and badly made cartoons (with a very few notable exceptions... dammit, ok, i rather like Spongebob Squarepants, ok?)

And they get fuck all in summer, and no dinner time tv. And morningsthrough to afternoons is devoted to doddery old pensioners plus fuckwit dole dossers and hungover students.

But in the 70's there was so MUCH! It's impossible to even list the huge variety of amazing and original programmes available.

So i'm not gonna... instead i'm just going to dedicate this post to one of the most influential creators in my life. A person who probably helped to make my voice what it is today... which apparently is something for the ladies to swoon at, hah!

Oliver Postgate who passed away this week.

Here's some of his very charming and whimsical work.

Bagpuss, the most important! The most Beautiful! The most magical!!

Over at the guardian.com, Zoe williams made me smile with her "

Thank-You, Mr Postgate

I bow



  4:23 pm :. Blogger Ginger Doll hollered thusly:

I'd forgotten how much I loved Ivor the Engine...

A very gentle soul, that was that passed


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1.12.08 | Awkward Mornings

I stumble and rise...

Animation by Kurtis Hough
Music by Silver Mt Zion


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