27.5.08 | Conversations With Mai Pumpkin (Part Umpty)

Ai love yew Pumpy.

Ai love yew too, annoying Plebby.

Ai love yew more than bees!

That's nice.

The bees love yew too!

Lovely. Can the bees confirm this, then? This "bee love"?

Yes, mai Orange Gourd of Goodness, they can. They told me last night in fact. Yup, i distinctly remember them all saying it while we danced around our handbags to some goth music at that party i went to last night. They said "Tell Pumpy we love her (although not quite as much as sticking it to flowers, or making honey. But still!"

Goth music? Bees like goth music?

Yes, they like the constant droning and repetition. Plus they love the terrible lyrics. Always makes them fall about laughing. Fields of the Nephilim are a particular source of hillarity. They hate emo, though. Even bees hate My Chemical Romance.

That's good. Sooo... buzzing party was it?

Hohoho! very droll, mai Shiny Squash of Sunlight. Yes, we all got very drunk. I've never been to a wine and bees party before.

Hohoho back at you. So the bees enjoyed themselves, did they?

Yes, they particularly enjoyed the games of charades at the end. Oh, and the fancy dress.

Skipping over the charades for reasons of holding onto a tenuous grip of sanity... fancy dress?

Yah! bees love fancy dress! Although strangely they always elect to come as tigers for some reason. Hmm...

Could it be their affinity for stripes perhaps, just for the sake of a wild guess snatched randomly out of the air?

Yes!!!! you're so clever, o Golden Globe of Wsdom!

Shut up and pass me another choc-choc, you Plebby buffoon.


And thus another pleasant evening is passed in front of the telly between Da Pumpy and Plebby


  5:47 pm :. Blogger Marlene hollered thusly:

hi, there
You may have thought I had already left this reality, but, no, I,m in fact preparing my path into a new reality. (new for me- shamanism is the oldest concept of existence on earth)
I'm just fascinated about it. I feel like a baby who has just been born ...

  5:26 pm :. Blogger Ginger Doll hollered thusly:

I soooooo love the idea of gothic bees. Appeals to me. Maybe my lavender bees are goths. I may have to ask them.

Hugs back at ya babes


  2:56 pm :. Anonymous Anonymous hollered thusly:

OMG get a life

  3:03 pm :. Blogger The Saturnyne hollered thusly:

Marlene! It's so good to see you here again. your comment has already fascinated me and encourged me with your irrepressible good nature. =)

Heya Ging... Lavender bees? could lavender bees bee worthy of goth-dom?

Anon: OMG! Get an identity and the balls to show yerself, and THEN we might actually care what you think. On second thoughts, no, we probably wouldn't.


  4:29 pm :. Blogger Ginger Doll hollered thusly:

Lavender could be classified as purple and therefore perfectly in keeping with the gothic tradition.

Now, don't be nasty to poor little anon, who can't even be arsed to think up a derogatory user name just to play with us. Poor soul can't help their lack of imagination or general narkiness towards life and obviously isn't getting any.

Life that is.

GD xx

  8:25 pm :. Blogger carlberry hollered thusly:

I suppose it'll come as no great surprise to you that I quite like MCR :)

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