30.3.08 | An April Sunday

It's not quite April... Many famous people have died this past week or two, but i miss someone i knew for a long time. They died today. So this is for them.

An April Sunday brings the snow
Making the blossom on the plum trees green,
Not white. An hour or two, and it will go.
Strange that i spend that hour moving between

Cupboard and cupboard, shifting the store
Of jam you made of fruit from these same trees:
Five loads- a hundred pounds or more-
More than enough for all next summer's teas.

Which now you will not sit and eat.
Behind the glass, underneath the cellophane,
remains your final summer- sweet
And meaningless, and not to come again.


Goodbye Fred. Safe journeys.



  10:05 am :. Blogger Ginger Doll hollered thusly:

it's been quite a season. Let's hope spring brings us some happiness


  4:22 am :. Blogger LiVEwiRe hollered thusly:

A very special remembrance for someone who obviously mean so much to you.

  10:29 am :. Blogger {illyria} hollered thusly:

i am falling in love with those verses. beautiful tribute, needless to say.

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