1.2.08 | Winter Storms

Restless mind racing, eyes like black charcoals, i twitch, toss and turn in my bed, unknowingly in tune to the weather as a pulse burns through my core, leaving me drenched in anxious sweat and simultaneously exhausted.

Why can't i sleep?

And the room shatters from inky black to vibrant blue and purple and back to an even deeper hue of black in the blink of an eye.

Of course! This is the reason why i cannot sleep. I throw back the sheets and stand naked at the window gazing out into the deep night.

And the thunder drums forth it's deep chiming beat, leaving me shivering with a deep joy in the cold winter airs.

Quickly i reach for my clothes, my keys and my longest trench-coat, then head for the door with a ferocity that would just kill you if you looked into my eyes- Twice as quickly if you got in my way.

And i burst through the door like a gunshot from a starting pistol, like water tearing down a dam, grinning defiance wildly into the hailstones and vicious wind that tears at my face with chilling sharp fingers.

The storm resonates within me, the freezing rain and hail reach through my clothing and i am drenched and shivering violently in seconds. I do not notice. I do not care. I am exultant. Today a thunder god laughs and i throw my head back and laugh also.



  7:00 am :. Blogger supersoniclady hollered thusly:

very interesting. was this written for fun or is there a hidden meaning behind it?

and yes, I do have an englishman or two I forgot to put on the list. I shall have to add a second entry as including photos into my entries seems to throw the entire layout of the text askew.

  7:37 am :. Blogger MicheleMania hollered thusly:

wow... i think i've mentioned this before,but your ability to capture the readers' attention is absolutely fabulous. so what happens next?

and thanks for the support. i appreciate it. the shirts will be cool, b/c they will be my design. they'll rock the shelves and storm into every closet in America, as well as across every other developed nation, till even less fortunate countries will be sporting them. not realizing that the shirts were meant to help them all along. a wee bit ironic in my opinion, but hey *shrugs* its about change.

how've you been lately?

  4:56 pm :. Blogger The Saturnyne hollered thusly:

ssl: all writing is open to interpretation =)

There was a thunderstorm, and i hate to miss walking in them. At such times, one can feel truly alive.

mm: thank-you, and how could we not support a charitable kindness!?! Knock 'em dead!


  11:35 pm :. Blogger MicheleMania hollered thusly:

thanx i will. starting up is going to be a bit tough... but i'm not going to give up

  12:07 am :. Blogger MicheleMania hollered thusly:

your photograph seems interesting, but i wasn't able to get a very good look. i do like it however, and you seem attractive

  12:11 am :. Blogger MicheleMania hollered thusly:

how are your dreams of otters and tall buildings coming along?

  1:16 am :. Blogger The Saturnyne hollered thusly:

well the tall buildings one i had in the post below...

otters are variable in appearance =)


And yes, i'm disgustingly handsome... maybe... probably not... maybe... oh i dunno, hah

  4:02 pm :. Blogger Ginger Doll hollered thusly:

Oh, the Satty-Babes is a gorgeous boy! ;-}

The weather's throwing up some fabulous displays at the moemnt, its great to hear that you're enjoying them

Thinking of you as always.


  7:24 pm :. Blogger Terri hollered thusly:

What a great post for my first visit here. I love thunderstorms and your words reminded me why.

  4:13 am :. Blogger Aberrant Templar hollered thusly:

The New York Giants just won the Superbowl and I'm drunk as a skunk.

This is, apparently, the internet version of "drunk dialing"

  8:54 pm :. Blogger supersoniclady hollered thusly:

oh geez, that sounds absolutely terrible! we've had a flea problem before but never that bad.

and yeah, psh, as if you could find my myspace and youtube accounts. you won't get near myspace with a 40 foot pole!

  10:33 am :. Blogger MicheleMania hollered thusly:

plan on joining the nonliving?

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