17.2.08 | Because All Hope Is Lost

It is!

No really!

*smiles enthusuastically and energetically*

And because i wanted to post this evilly depressing and doom-laden nihilistic song. And fuck you, if you don't like it. Nyaaah!

*bares teeth and snarls*

oh and this... it's a day of the sorrows and dooms, today. Breathe your last, Mo-fo!

But mainly, this... (a scene from Betty Blue)

if you've never seen the erotic and unbearably sad and beautiful film, Betty Blue, then you should be ashamed of yourself. Even if you're just dropping out of the womb, you have no excuse! No excuse! What was your mother thinking, not making sure you're all cultured and ready for love, sex and loss? Damn that woman!- Why, i'd have bloody well rammed the telly up in there with you, if i'd known!

(I was gonna call your mother a cunt for being so irresponsible with you, but then i thought better of it, after all, why alienate my readership over a silly old film, eh? Naw, i'll definitely find a better reason for sure later on, after i've had a really good think about it and allowed my anger and blood pressure to rise!)


  4:07 am :. Blogger LiVEwiRe hollered thusly:

I'll have to come back and have a listen but I'm off to bed for now. Of course when I wake up the first thing I shall do is watch Betty Blue. Repeatedly of course, to make up for lost time. ;)

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