29.8.07 | Sad Cat

Knew i'd left this blog lying around here somewhere

*gives blog a quick dust down*

Older readers of this blog may remember my ever so beautiful cat photos of yore and the ever so noble and proud Jude in his dazzlingly heroic collar.

I recently re-visited my friend and Jude and am startled by just how old he is and how changed he is from the keen, interested and goddam-get-him-offa-me-he's-sticking-his-claws-into-my-shoulders-and-oh-bollocks-that's-another-item-of-clothing-ruined-can't-this-cat-remember-that-he-can-contract-his--bastard-claws-kind-of-pussy-cat
The cat i saw yesterday. Old, anxious, wary... it was a furry mirror of what we will become in old age... and i can't say i liked it... Jude who loved me and stared curiously and with intent into my eyes with affection unlike any other cat i have met- he did not know me anymore... or if he did, i was a memory of a flickering shadow in a distant and dusty room.

It made me sad. I love him so.

next up, probably, that much promised meeting with superstars!



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