20.10.06 | Glomping Frenzy!

I think this one's for the ladies.

Now remember, girls... don't hold back!

Thanks to the mighty Mightymoo for sending the pic.


  9:12 pm :. Blogger my sun sets to rise again hollered thusly:


thanks for that, I needed a refresher :)

  12:31 pm :. Anonymous Sheripiari hollered thusly:

Mightymoo? as in THE mightymoo? :P

Hey Vomm (since that is the only name I know you by). I like the style of your webpage although I got the feeling I'm not understanding the content completely :D

  5:10 pm :. Blogger The Tart hollered thusly:

Yikes! Now that's how to get a guy's attention, natch.

The Tart
; *

  1:56 am :. Blogger Dani hollered thusly:

I have to ask. What the fuck is a "bishi"? ...sigh.

  4:47 pm :. Anonymous Trekner hollered thusly:

Hey Vom

ltns, looks like your doing well :P
and looks like xss aint soo good atm. might come back to you guy's with Bc, soo seee ya mate :)


  9:55 pm :. Blogger Jessie hollered thusly:


  4:03 pm :. Blogger The Saturnyne hollered thusly:

Dani my love!

(Term of endearment for all other jealous femmes. Not an indication of pash)

A "bishi" is a japanese or manga comic term for "impossibly handsome guy"

Hi everyone else!


  5:20 am :. Blogger dr.v (Not a narcotic Pez dispenser) hollered thusly:

i want a bishi !

  5:21 am :. Blogger dr.v (Not a narcotic Pez dispenser) hollered thusly:

ps...do you know many jealous femmes?
hehehe..you are probably surrounded by them

  11:46 pm :. Anonymous Anonymous hollered thusly:

Nice spot u got here. stepping by saying hi!


  10:58 am :. Blogger De.vile hollered thusly:

Why dont any of my comments get published?!

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