14.12.05 | Happiness!

Happiness, eh?

What's it all about?

I'm sure you ask the very same question yourself, sometimes.

So i did a little research

My first stop:
Wikipedia talked a right load of old bollocks about it... at least i think it did... but owing to a low attention span, my eyes quickly glazed over as i read:

"This article is about an emotion.
Happiness is also a 1998 U.S. film written and directed by Todd Solondz. For the town, see Happy, Texas. See also Joy for the disambiguation of that term."

Followed by "blah blah blah etc blah..." oh, there was a moment of excitement as i tiredly misread Todd Solondz's name into some phrase including the words "Total Sodomy"... but alas it was Not To Be

Dammit! i want my happiness descriptions in handy bite-sized chunks, thankyou very much!

Other attempts at describing happiness, i found all over
google! And all very worthy and dull, i'll have you know

Not even the
Uncyclopedia had anything particularly witty to add to the ...er... discussion.

Bugger! I'm just going to have to try and describe it in my own way. So...

Last week, i found a very agreeable happiness in my favourite cafe. The Red Triangle... Burnleys only vegetarian eatery.

Reading the paper, place to myself, strong real coffee (1 sugar, dash of milk), waiting for yummy fud... (pasta dish... quite dee-lish)
Of course, it would have been even better to have had a friend to occasionally trade wit with over the table... but you can't have everything...

So i was wondering... what makes you happy?

If anyone wants to send in a pic of something that represents their happiness, then i'll post it on the blog in this post... it'd be kind of pretty... like decorating for Christmas...

Yours in a lovingly gooey manner.



  10:09 am :. Blogger The Prisoner hollered thusly:

decorating my wardrobe with bits and pieces i pick up.

piccie here -> http://img.photobucket.com/albums/v86/theprisoner/IMG_0730.jpg

  3:12 pm :. Blogger onanymous hollered thusly:

Dancing. Being exhausted and exhilirated at the same time after finishing a difficult combination perfectly and then grinning like a maniac.

Bubbles. Blowing them out of your window in the middle of rush hour traffic and then watching the expressions on people's faces.

  2:28 am :. Blogger dr.v (Not a narcotic Pez dispenser) hollered thusly:

i think my idea of happiness would involve COFFEE too!
but i want to play this game...let me look around & find a photo that was actually taken by me (not just an image i find online)
i will get back to you ;)

  4:55 pm :. Blogger Janey hollered thusly:

Happiness huh? I think different people have different happiness thresholds. My family all comment on how they think I'm happy with very little - they equate happiness with material possessions. I beg to differ - I have so much that I'm happy most of the time.

What actually makes me happy? My husband and dogs, walking to work on a freezing morning wrapped up well and singing loudly to my minidisk (this morning it was Kaiser Chiefs and the Killers that did it!), St Mary's Lighthouse (will wing a pic of that to you asap), dark red roses, a good book, tweaking my websites, nice people, putting my christmas tree up to the dulcet tones of Tony Christie, decaf lattes...the list is endless.

What made me happy today? Seeing the Sat had posted again!

Ok, I'll shut up now!

  6:57 pm :. Blogger Starbuck hollered thusly:

Happiness - the film - utterly gruelling but fab all the same.

Happiness - the TV series of a few years back starring Paul Whitehouse, Mark Heap, Johnny Vegas, Pearce Quigley, Fiona Allen, Clive Russell - very funny. But the source of much unhappiness when I kept banging on about "Happiness" being my fave thing of the moment & my wife-to-be thinking I was talking about the sicker-than-thou film.

Happiness - that triumphant feeling - very rare in its purest form.

However, I approached it this morning, after a traumatic start to the day, which I escaped by staring up through the skylight at what turned out to be the most beautiful sky I've ever seen...

  11:19 pm :. Blogger Jessie hollered thusly:

I'm with Janey and Starbuck - listening to good sounds with a good view of nature and possibly a wee something to smoke generally puts me in a fine state of happiness.

Feeling like I'm a part of something does it too.

  12:51 am :. Blogger Carl hollered thusly:

Anything that causes this

(Warning may be a bit obscure for non-football types)

  11:31 pm :. Blogger LiVEwiRe hollered thusly:

I think I'm still looking for happy. Content I can do, but happy is elusive. Maybe I found it... I have a bad memory...

  10:13 pm :. Anonymous Anonymous hollered thusly:

Happiness is a ball in your hand.

You've got to try and throw this party just as far as you can.

  12:52 pm :. Blogger Janey hollered thusly:

an addendum to my previous comment - mooching online and discovering Henry Rollins is coming to a venue near me in the new year and being able to purchase tickets at the drop of an e-mail...!

  9:03 pm :. Blogger 3rd daughter hollered thusly:

i believe that happiness is always there inside you, you just have to be able to recognise it and coax it out. not always easy.

the things that help my happiness? my friends, a cute puppy, my favourite songs, coffee and i'll definitely agree with onanymous about bubbles! there are lots more but these are the main ones.

  5:30 am :. Blogger De.vile hollered thusly:

Theres this particulary lumpy couch at my unc's. It makes bouncing particularly exhilarating (with a better spelling, Im sure). My sis says sex couldnt excite me so much.

  4:53 am :. Blogger dr.v (Not a narcotic Pez dispenser) hollered thusly:

i have a photo for u....i'll email it.

  7:06 pm :. Blogger Teufel hollered thusly:

I must say, happiness can be found in the smallest things too, not only in big facts... take a look under a leaf and you'll see

Oni/ KTS

  9:22 am :. Blogger Teufel hollered thusly:

Not only that, but happiness is very personal and relative. It makes me happy to make others happy, while others can see it as a waste of time, and others can see my point of view, yet not share it.
What makes YOU happy, Sat?

Oni/ KTS

  2:56 pm :. Blogger helen hollered thusly:

Sitting in a nice veggie cafe all day with the paper sounds like a recipe for happiness for me.

Otherwise, food, drink, friends and general merriment.

  9:28 pm :. Blogger dr.v (Not a narcotic Pez dispenser) hollered thusly:

happy new year/ feliz ano nuevo, darling ;)

  7:42 am :. Blogger transience hollered thusly:

your definition suits me pretty fine, you know.

happy new year's, honey. you've been missed. truly.

  10:11 am :. Anonymous Brendan Perry hollered thusly:

Saturnyne, your happiness threshold must be easy to breach if you found delight in the Red Triangle cafe.

I thought that everyone knew that the owners (Andy & Margaret) not only use ASDA/Walmart bought coffee instead of FairTrade, but Nescafe! And they laugh their pseudo Socialist tits off as you gulp down each drop (whilst they arouse each other by fantasising about George Bush spraying his hot, hot manfat into their astonished faces. As an aside, in their dank and dirty fantasy, they even 'black' up, and talk in a highly offensive, stereotypical 'ole time Negro' way whilst they shoot Iraqi babies in the stomach).

And the 'food'? Boy, get out of Burnley and experience some real life and real food.


Burnley, a town of small people with myopic, improbable (and ultimately, flatulent) ideas.

Now, dear friends, I must part.....I feel deeply ashamed that I have wasted such time on reading and even commenting on a (agh!) 'blog'.

I hope that you all feel that you are able create change in this harsh chaotic world with your banal, meandering, cheapest bottle of supermarket red wine and low grade dope fueled musings, on life, death, coffee and deep (as the depths of hell, itself) self indulgence.

  10:34 am :. Blogger EveningStar hollered thusly:

sorry i haven't been on ure blog much anymore, just busy! I'm glad things are better now. :)

My happiness is letting myself love and be loved. just enjoying the random moments that make me smile..
And kisses! http://photos1.blogger.com/blogger/4272/1672/1600/uskissing555px.0.jpg
(not sure if this'll work!)
formerly iridescent

  9:56 pm :. Blogger The Saturnyne hollered thusly:

Hi everyone. Thanks for sharing.

Except for you Mr "Perry"

Dear "Brendan Perry"

I would be most impressed that one of my favorite singers in the world had commented on my little blog

If in fact, you were he.

However, since i actually googled for this very pleasant and friendly cafe midst blog, and found the only reference to it from a hysterical (in every sense of the word) pro-fascist website, i am strongly suspicious that you are from there.

And if you are from there, i have to ask... why are you so afraid? You can stop any time, you know.

As far as pleasure goes. Yes. The small things in life DO please me.

Perhaps you have forgotten how to see them...


  10:06 pm :. Anonymous Brendan Perry hollered thusly:

I can assure you that I am not a BNP scumbag, and having googled Red Triangle myself, I can see why you might think so. People like that piss me off too.

But if I am not Brendan Perry, who am I?

Clue: Not Rumplestiltskin

If you do not guess who I am, it will make me a very Angry Chimp indeed! Probably.

  10:22 pm :. Blogger The Saturnyne hollered thusly:

WEll now Mr "Perry"

That is a much better story!

And although i don't agree with some of the things you said, i am much happier to leave your comments undeleted. Huzzah!

And after five minutes thought on something else you said... "thinking!" Pshaw!

Yes, i would have to say that i do change the world around me. Oh, i know i will never be able to stop such big things as poverty, or greed, or cruelty.

But i do change things. As do you. And everyone else here. All our little inconsequential lives create echoes and ripples everywhere we go.

Some can be quite far-reaching and profound. Some more subtle.

Right enough of this bollocks- i wanna blog about Santa, and why he's still not been able to fit a magic castle in my sock... Again.


  10:39 pm :. Anonymous Angela Holden hollered thusly:

Ahem....... a new series to start soon - Blog Baiters.

  11:58 pm :. Blogger The Saturnyne hollered thusly:

Dear Brendan Perry =}

I've just been sitting and thinking about who you might be...

I suspect that your name might begin with "D"

In which case- You bastard! Where was my fookin' Christmas present? Eh? Eh?!?

And if yer name doesn't begin with "D" then yer stil a bastard, and i'm still waiting for my fookin' Christmas pressent!

Can i still guess "Rumpelstiltskin" if i got that wrong?


  4:45 am :. Blogger Dani hollered thusly:


and mmmmmmmmwahs!

How've you been? :-)

  4:46 pm :. Blogger Janey hollered thusly:


But still happy and glugging the decaff fairtrade!

Happy New Year S.


  4:50 pm :. Blogger Janey hollered thusly:


'...I feel deeply ashamed that I have wasted such time on reading and even commenting on a (agh!) 'blog''

Not that ashamed, my dear. You came back to view the reaction!

  11:07 pm :. Anonymous brendan Perry hollered thusly:

Janey funny!

  3:32 pm :. Blogger Teufel hollered thusly:

Dead or Alive (ok, just alive)
The Saturnyne (a.k.a: Sat)

Reward... uhhh... a candy?

Warning: he's armed with brittish humor. If you see him, call authorities, or leave him a comment

Where are you, Sat?!

Oni / KTS

  3:28 am :. Blogger dr.v (Not a narcotic Pez dispenser) hollered thusly:

oooo! a Reward! i'll be on the lookout

  3:12 pm :. Blogger Carl hollered thusly:

I could probably get you a dead one. Alive though ? I don't know ? It's going to cost you for that level of aggrevation.

  9:28 pm :. Anonymous Janey hollered thusly:

Saturnyne passed away last week after falling head first into my skanky, fetid and foul manhole

  11:42 pm :. Blogger dr.v (Not a narcotic Pez dispenser) hollered thusly:

ono! say it ain't so!

  7:12 pm :. Blogger Janey hollered thusly:

looks like we all been spammed - 'hole comment defo weren't me - apologies again Helen

  9:38 pm :. Anonymous lian hollered thusly:

You always know its a mistake to say "the only one".

The food might be like eating cardboard with a cold sloppy topping of unidentifiable veg that is just wishing for a few grains of salt, but the Healthy Living Centre has a vegetarian cafe.

Worth dismissing though, and I'd go RT every time!

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