12.5.05 | The Saturnyne Resurrection Countdown: ...5...

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Famous artworks re-investigated... stolen as usual from somewhere else on the net...

Um, i promised "Weirdness" didn't i? Well, i'm damned if i know what that really means these days... but we'll see...

*grins like a drunken Pope. On speed. Being shat on. By a bear. In some scenic forest. While nuns look on beatifically. (Lezzer nuns, incidentally. In a bath).*


PS: Oh yeah, i've been adding some blogs to my links... i was gonna wait until i'd created my icons for you all, but i just haven't had the time yet...

Also added my Audioscrobbler webpage. Everyone should have one!


  4:58 am :. Blogger B hollered thusly:

wait for it...
wait for it...

good one, Sat!

  5:56 am :. Blogger transience hollered thusly:

ah. you make me miss you. not good. not good at all. and thanks for the linkie! i gave you one, too. about two weeks ago, methinks. =)

  6:00 am :. Blogger The Saturnyne hollered thusly:

i've been holding onto that gif for ages, B.

And i was just looking at your blog, too, Trans. But i thought i should come back when i've had some sleep (I always like to take time to soak up your words). Thanks for missing me. I missed me, too. Hee!


  2:11 am :. Blogger me hollered thusly:

Heya Sat, (Can I call youjust "sat".. it's too much for me to handle typing out The Saturnyne the whole bloody time)

I am very glad and in a state of anticipation for your upcoming resurrection. Does this kind of make you like Jesus?

Anyway. Thanks for your lovely comments and readership. And for all the lovely posts I've had the pleasure to read on your blog. I've updated my last post a wee bit so you should check it out. Oh yeah, and I will continue to be commenting on your blog, don't think I won't.

And, who knows, I might get tired of not blogging and start a new one. God knows it seems hard enough to keep away from the computer.


  4:10 am :. Blogger Star hollered thusly:

Never thought I'd see that! Good thing she shaved her legs.. that would've been embarrising!

  6:47 am :. Blogger The Saturnyne hollered thusly:

Oh, i think you've earned the right to call me that, Lynda.. can i call you "L"? HEh! I'm so glad yer gonna come and add to my blog with pithy comments etc... i always think my blog wouldn't be complete without my commentees.

Hi, Irid! I was gonna stop by your place and see what yer was up to, but i've been bogged down in a little bit of misery... also in my Photoshop... meh!


  10:54 am :. Blogger onanymous hollered thusly:

Ooo funny.
It almost caused what would have been a very unfortunate incident involving tea, monitors and noses.
Glad to hear about the upcoming resurection thing too.

  5:51 pm :. Blogger me hollered thusly:

Ooh. "L" it is. :)

  1:18 am :. Blogger B hollered thusly:

currently loving audioscrobbler!

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