21.5.05 | Errr... where was i? Right, ok... this one's 3.5 or something...

I suppose you'll be expecting something scintillating and or awesome from me in this post?

You'll be lucky, sirs and ladies, for i'm so bollocksed from lack of sleep that i may well write any old crap that springs to mind. This insomnia is... murder...

So just imagine that i'm writing something amazing and fabulous, and i'll do the same, and we can all be totally totally happy.

Sooo... stuff wot i've noticed recently and other miscellanies.

George Galloway giving some American politicians a right old bollocking for invading Iraq. Don't like the bloke, but i laughed me arse off at the shellshocked expressions on their faces as he totally dismissed them and then dissed them on their home turf. Lovely.

Sky News and it's dramatic recreations of the Michael Jackson trial. I dunno who the actor playing Jacko is but i reckon he's as guilty as Santa and deserves to hang for sure! Even if the real one turns out to be innocent. Personally i'd lynch 'em both. Jacko is too weird to live, anyway! Besides, i'd find it kind of enjoyable... and surely that's a good enough reason? Surely?

A McDonalds advert in which some woman is talking about her love of McNuggets and their "tasty white breast meat" (this phrase is repeated twice!) Now i don't know about you, but i find this totally fucking perverse and snicker enthusiastically every time the ad comes on. One has to show one's appreciation at the majesty of such things...

Another ad- That fucking cunting frog and it's blethering so-called-cute ringtones. Where's a fucking heron when ya need one, eh?

A really sweet email from someone called Chloe (or Fiona?), i think (Without looking through my emails to make sure). Thanks Chloe!- but wheres the reply to my reply? Hmm?

Another email informing me some weeks ago that i was the number one site when googling for the word "bibblybob". I checked and it was true! However i was most disappointed that i rate no mention at all when i searched it again today! Soooo disappointed. Hmm... more on that word in a future post...

That's all for now. I may add to this post when i wake up later on today. Or i may deny that it exists, but grinningly humour you anyway when you try and prove that it does...

Right, i'm off for a good swear. I've got a few more "Fucks"' a "Cunt" and several "Bastards" and "Wankah's" to spew vitriolically before bedtime. Got me quota to fill y'know...


PS: did i ever tell ya, that i wanted to be a newsreader once?


  5:22 am :. Blogger transience hollered thusly:

even when you are rambly and lacking sleep, you are still coherent. i can never be that. are you drunk on too much coffee as it is?

  10:10 am :. Blogger Janey hollered thusly:

The frog is a source of endless speculation by my parents as to what is hiding benath the small black square on the groin regions...

And I have to agree about Galloway - even though he's lying through his teeth he was fascinating to watch, as were the shocked faces of the Americans around him!

Get some good sleep my love


  11:16 am :. Blogger Star hollered thusly:

Heh, I live in the US and I haven't heard about that spectacle yet, to be sure I'll be watching the news for a glimpse of it tomorow!

Yeah, there really are some messed up commercials on. I saw one today for life insurance or somesuch. An old (70?)man did all the talking while his 'wife' sat next to him and nodded..not one word. At first I found this offensive. I kept watching of course and came to the conclusion that 1.she was deaf or 2.didn't give a damn about what he was saying.
Either a bad actress or great wife, tehe.

  8:37 pm :. Anonymous Max Cady hollered thusly:

Neat observations, kid.

Max Cady

PS: No kidding! You wanted to be a newsreader? What a coincidence, I wanted to be the guy what types out the news-sheets!

  8:40 pm :. Blogger Teufel hollered thusly:

Jacko on his back-o! Man, it was for some reason that they put Jacko on the MIB2 movie... not mere coincidence... some1 I know compared him... it to Bjork... no way!!!
Hey, isn't that frog the same frog my dear Darkchild hate? Are you gonna tell me they pass that frog all over Europe? Well, Marylin Manson and I took some revenge, and wrote "Frog is Dead"... I'll ask it again to my love to see if I post it soon (buahahahahahahaha)...
Man, a cure against insomnia... sleep! You know? That's how it all started in "The Fight Club": Edward Norton wasn't able to sleep (Ps: there are subliminal messages in that movie).
See you later! Oh! And, how can I contact Sat, besides on this blog?


  2:56 am :. Blogger LiVEwiRe hollered thusly:

Ok, first visit here... you are rambling. I like that. I do believe I'll return another day for more! =)

  4:40 pm :. Blogger stella hollered thusly:

pure genius!! ... i'd luv to stay up all night and chat with you... a night of sparkling conversation, if nothing else ;)

  5:50 pm :. Blogger The Saturnyne hollered thusly:


Outrageous! I've never been accused of coherence before! Oh the shame. I mentioned yr comment to some of my "real-world" friends the other night, and they practically choked on their drinks. I grin.


THfrog used to have big eff off bollocks and ginormous cock-age... until someone complained. Rotten gits!

Iridescence! (How i heart my "!") You've not seen the pseudo Michael Jackson trials? They're hillarious! Should be made into a proper telly series. I fall outta my chair laughing at the mere thought of it. Oh yeah- Who thinks Mr Jackson is guilty yet?

Max Cady! "Kid!" Wow!- Youuu must be VERY old!

TEufel! I'll bet it's the very same hated frog. Fight Club? Shit! i'm buggered, then... i can't fight for piss!

PS: i can be contacted by anyone via my email and MSN addy, which are both the same. Plus my Yahoo addy. All of which can be found on my very swish looking profile.

Livewire! Yeah, you'd better come back, or else. I'll look at you funny if not.

Stella! Aww! Thanks Stella. But are you sure you'd want to talk alllll night? ;} ...still, if ya ever want, yer can get me via the aforementioned MSN and yahoo thingies. I can even use a crappy mic on at least one of them! Whoop!


  7:31 pm :. Blogger me hollered thusly:

Hee! I don't know much about the alleged Galloway participation in the Oil-for-food scandal, but I fucking love him for putting those stupid yank poor excuses for Politicians in their places.

For my part, I have decided to put my money where my mouth is, so to speak, and get off my arse and join in some political protestation (very tame of course), rather than just talk about it.

Tuesday night between the wee hours of 10pm - 12pm CDT, I will be fulfilling my part of a 24 hour Citizen filibuster.. I'm thinking I'll read something from 1984 - should be pertinent?!
Ooh.. also, Sat - I have more piccies on me flickr if you care to see http://www.flickr.com/photos/brendish

I'm quite proud of a couple of them, too!

  9:17 pm :. Blogger DeeM hollered thusly:

I'm getting my news here from now on. They don't say 'fuck' or 'cunting' on NY1. :)

  5:23 am :. Blogger Jessie hollered thusly:

i find this totally fucking perverse and snicker enthusiastically every time the ad comes on

Oh my, how you make me laugh! I'm rather looking forward to future postings on 'bibblybob' too.

  10:21 am :. Blogger Star hollered thusly:

Saw a commercial for the michael jackson thing. Horribly disturbed. Well, he just disturbs me in general though and on that alone I would say he's guilty.. but that's not very fair I guess so I won't say anything. Hehe. Have you seen the South Park eposoide he's in though? F-ing hilarious! :D

  2:17 pm :. Blogger Lizzy hollered thusly:

Hey hon, just dropping by.

*totters away tiredly*

  7:55 pm :. Blogger Darkchild hollered thusly:


Insomnia, nooooo!!!
Man, I completely hate it not to be able to sleep when I'm really tired.
*gives mr Saturnyne some sleeping pills....not too much*

  3:08 am :. Blogger Cece hollered thusly:

Jacko...I just don't understand.

  11:48 am :. Blogger Star hollered thusly:

They're 'resting the case' ... LAME!

  5:40 am :. Blogger The Saturnyne hollered thusly:

Just imagine that i've replied to you all here, and was scintillatingly witty in the style of Oscar Wilde. I probably mentioned hats or something.




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