5.2.05 | Competition Stuff! Yaay!

But first, i offer you a peek into the secret world of Da Saturnyne, via the crazy desktop competition of the illimitable Mr Starbuck who is quite a Mr and also sometime in the near(?) future will be a Mr Groom! with Bride!

Methinks everyone who is anyone will be entering THIS competition and showing off their "amazing" desktops for all to applaud (mock).

I also recall that a certain Cece wanted to view piccies of my comps... so that's another piccie request fulfilled somewhat... enjoy the detail, me dear.

And nowww!!!
(Roll of drum. LOUD drum!)

It's Tiiiime! Ladeez an Germs! Forrrr... The Saturnyne's Extraordinarily Grand Competition With A Real Prize!


It's time for

What's My Pumpkin!?!?!

A little while ago, the aforementioned Cece, asked for a piccie of my lovely Pumpkin as one of her photo requests. And on behalf of her, i asked da Pumpkin if she had any pics i could post of her... and the little scamp sent me the pic below... I bet she was giggling as she sent it, too!

So it gave me, The Saturnyne, an idea for this competition. And all you have to do is vaguely comment on which one of the pumpkins below is mai Pumpkin and why. You can enter this competition as many times as you want. Your answer can be anything at all in fact. And the winner is the one which i like the most.

And the prize? Well, when the competition is over , i will send the winner either:

A: A cd quality recording (On a cd obviously) of my favourite (And currently unavailable, i believe) album of all time, which is American Music Club's 'Everclear'.
B: A cd chocablock full of MP3's (Or AAC, or WMA) of my fave music... some of which will be unavailable stuff by the aforementioned A.M.C.
C: An A3 size print of one of my photo's. This is in an Archival Matte quality and guaranteed to last for the duration of yer life or 75 years) prividing you don't do dumb stuff like putting it in direct sunlight...
D: Two A4 size prints of equal quality to C

Any of which i will ship to your address by the fastest, least ridiculously expensive mode i can find. So that means C and D will most likely take weeks and even weeks!


Pumpkin And Family?


  2:23 am :. Blogger The Saturnyne hollered thusly:

How, how will you be able to curb your enthusiasm!??!

Gawd, i might even enter this meself!


  2:52 pm :. Blogger Zen hollered thusly:

I think that your pumpkin is the one that is on the top row, the fourth from the left...the one that is rolling her eyes and sticking her tongue out as if to say "gag me with a spoon". I say this because if I remember correctly, you mentioned that your pumpkin is a former luv interest, and I can only say from experience as a woman, that any man I have been luvy with who remains my friend after the affair, invariably elicits that response in me whenever I think about the fact that I ever dated that person in the first place, because once the passion dies, and you are just friends, thinking back on the romance is like imagining kissing your brother...or a frog or something. Of course, I don't think you deserve to be held in such regard...I think you seem quite charming. But I have never seen you in your underwear either :p

  4:31 pm :. Blogger Lizzy hollered thusly:

Zen, thats a scary amount of inference. Lol. I'd say its the grinning one baring loadsa shiny teeth. Its precisely the face I'd give to my best friend if he wanted my picture for such a purpose. It'd mean something along the lines of "No."

  8:41 pm :. Blogger me hollered thusly:

I think it's the one in the middle row, all the way to the right - the one with it's back to us. Because if your pumpkin's anything like me, she hates having her pictcha taken. :)

  7:30 pm :. Blogger my sun sets to rise again hollered thusly:

Its my deduction that your pumpkin is not actually a pumpkin, but the marrow at the front.
Well, just don't tell him he's a marrow, he's a bit confused.

  10:11 am :. Blogger The Prisoner hollered thusly:

you wanna watch that tiny one on the front row.
it's always the quiet ones you know...

y'know what it is, it's a school photo, that's why there all making dumbass faces. Oh i can see it now, Saturnyne standing at the school gate ready to take little Pumpy home. :)

in which case, your pumpkin sir, is the one that is sinking into the hay in the middle row. he wants desperately to go home obviously.

did i win?

  8:04 pm :. Blogger Janey hollered thusly:

Don't give two figs bout the pumpkin comp, all I care about is being back online again - YAY!!!!

  9:13 pm :. Blogger Janey hollered thusly:

Actually, I take that comment back after viewing the puking pumpkin...HEH! That was inspired and I WANT ONE. {bottom lip sticks out petulantly...}

  11:19 pm :. Blogger Starbuck hollered thusly:

Yours is the Smiffy pumpkin... you know the one - you've got the furry badge, admit it!

And as for yer computers, Mr S, yours have certainly been amongst the most cluttered that I've came across (as it were).

You ought to be ashamed...

  12:57 am :. Blogger Carl hollered thusly:

I refuse to enter this competition on the grounds that I might accidently win and I'd end up with a CD full of Daniel Johnston or some such (don't deny you'd do it either).

Anyway what is this ? Some kind of pumpkin beauty contest ? It's demeaning, all those pumpkins just sitting there, waiting to be judged by leering visitors to your site, it's vegetablist Mr. Saturnyne that's what it is, vegetabalist. There's no personal profiles, no background, no chance for each to argue their opinion, you're treating them like pieces of meat (erm... , well... sort of) it's a disgrace and I'll have no part of it.

I notice they're all orange as well. No room in the Saturnyne's lounge for pumpkins of a different hue is there ? Rest assured I'll be writing letters to my MP, MEP, Germaine Geer and the Daily Mail immediately.

Yours, Disgusted of Salford.

  2:56 am :. Blogger me hollered thusly:

There's kind of a green-ish one on the top row in the middle....

  4:17 am :. Blogger Cece hollered thusly:

Poor Pumpkin. That must be a family reunion picture. As ME pointed out before I could...She is obviously the one with her back turned at the far right of the middle row. I wouldn't show my face either if my relatives looked like that. Wait a minute...some of them do.

  8:04 pm :. Blogger Jessie hollered thusly:

I'd guess the one in the front row on the left, the one that looks a little bit under the influence. Just chilling, waiting for the photo shoot to be over, so she can slip away behind the hay bales and have a wee toke.

  7:00 pm :. Blogger stella hollered thusly:

i've been staring so long and deeply at this pumpkin picture, trying to find some kind of obvious sign as to who the real pumpkin is ...

as i was sitting here staring and waiting, one of the pumpkins whispered out to me, "it's me silly and in order to get the prize, you must reveal my true identity to others. those orginal Saturnyne prints would look so lovely and gorgeous at your home. they are simply divine, dear, just divine. oh and you can thank me later ..."

i reply "okay pumpkin. if you say so. but could you please tell saturnyne that i know that you are the real one, and that am keeping it a secret to myself until the contest is over so that everyone has a chance to win a gift, too? thnx "



  4:16 am :. Blogger Cece hollered thusly:

Oh Jessie! You are BRILLIANT!

  4:39 am :. Blogger The Saturnyne hollered thusly:

Some very interesting comments, here.

And one of you might actually be correct! Even!

I know one of you is certainly grumbly and totally not entereing into the spirit of things, but i wouldn't want to embarrass that person by drawing everyones attention to the fact that it's Carl, and he's only grumbly because i haven't given him his birthday present yet. And also that he still hasn't forgiven me for introducing him to the music of that genius Daniel Johnston. Tchah! Some peeps have no taste in music at all! Total ingratitude for ya!

I guess i'll give it you when i see you next, Mr Carl. Probably at the same time as you give me my Christmas prezzie! Hopefully this weekend, if i'm not dying some more.

God i really have felt like death. It's really depressing me at the mo'. But anyway... i shall hopefully announce the winner, or winners on Monday... so all you latecomers had better get their skates on if yer wanna enter!


  9:18 am :. Blogger Kak Teh hollered thusly:

hi, this is kak teh. Pls don't worry abt it. May be I too over reacted? btw - love yr pumpkins!

  6:43 pm :. Blogger Dani hollered thusly:

Oh, damn. I got here too late and all the witty answers have been said already.
I don't know which one's yours... but the one on the bottom row, second to last (with the Gene Simmons tongue) kind of looks like Jimmy Durante.

  2:11 am :. Blogger B hollered thusly:

i think it's a trick, because your pumpkin isn't even in the picture. the funniest part is she's getting a big kick out of making everyone guess.
(couldn't think of anything else, i'm no good a competitions!)
feel better soon :)

  5:11 pm :. Blogger Woman at the well hollered thusly:

All I can say is that they┬┤re the cutest things on earth ...

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