14.2.05 | And Tha Winner Isssss...

But first...

I'd like to take the opportunity to thank you one and all for the fabulous entries

To Zen, who has never seen me in my underwear- Be grateful, lovely Zen!

To Lizzy, with a timely reminder to all the males of the species, that a "No" quite often means No, actually, and not a "yes", thank you very much. Good on yer, Lizzy.

To, er Me, who for a person who doesn't like her piccie taken, looks (un)surprisingly fab when she does.

To My Sun Sets To Rise Again, who had a few things to say about marrows, AND has had more profile views than ME! In a similar length of time!!! And i thought i was doing allright... What's your secret?!? Gah! i'm not jealous no! Honest!

To The Prisoner, who alarmed me somewhat by assuming my Pumpkin is a "He"! I had to ask her about that, just to makes sure, i was so confused!

To Janey, who is always a winner in my book, even when she doesn't actually enter my competitions! Even then! Love for Janey!

To Starbuck, who has still got me trying to guess what he was on about, and when i ask him and he explains, i'm sure it will all become crystal clear. I shall of course slap my head appropriately and go "D'ohhh! Of course!"

To Carl, who i tentatively and not without fear, call one of my best friends. Still hasn't got his birthday present, yet. It's really ACE, too, Mr Carl! I may with some amusement, hold it hostage until i receive my Christmas present though... Hee-heee! And Hah!

To Cece, who has family that look like pumpkins. Apparently... And i long to meet them all!

To Jessie, who may or may not like the odd "Toke" herself... we can only hope that she's a sharer, eh readers?

To Stella, who is a gal after mah own heart, well probably not literally. I hear hearts really don't sit well on the mantlepiece anyways... no, wot i really mean is that she talks to vegetables and fruits, too! I bet that happens a lot in N.Y. We must meet someday, Miss Stella! (Did i ever mention that we have/had a beer/lager in England called "Stella Artois"... "Pint o' Stella" one could hear throughout the pubs in Englandland when ai were a lad. What'd it taste like? Buggered if i know. Probably like piss. Like most of these beer type things that get advertised on telly. Belgian beer now... that's a different story entirely! Oh, and a local brew called Pendle Witch... that wasn't bad in it's time either... I wonder if they still exist...

To Kak Teh, who didn't enter, but likes my pumpkins anyway. So that's all right. Hi, Dear lady!

To Dani, who still has me trying to remember who Jimmy Durante is... guess i'm gonna have to google the answer... very annoying, cos i bet when i find it, i'll be getting all Homer Simpson again... just like with Starbucks' oblique reference (Hmm, i really must remember to check the dictionary first, before using words like "oblique". Still, i'm a genius, so i'll probably get away with it if i'm wrong... won't i?)

To B,who apparently is "no good at competitions". Which is true. Hee! but yer photos and blog are lovely, m'dear. So that more than makes up for it.

And finally, to one of my favourite writers Woman in the Well who should win a prize for awesomeness in words anyway. Love to you!

So... Ye winners...

Yes, "winners", for there are indeed, two...

...Are Lynda a.k.a. Me! And Cece a.k.a. Cece! Who guessed corectly at Pumpkins shyness. But also guessed inadvertently at what is my idea of pumpkin cuteness. Which is that pumpkins don't need a face to be utterly cute. They just are. If they were people, they'd be your bestest friends evah! EVAH! And utterly cool. Without even trying. Or having a face. Or even limbs.

So ladies, i await yer breathlessly contacting me with address details and demanding yer prezzies forthwith. I shall of course leave a comment at yer blogs and probably email yer... whichever i think requires the least effort at the time...

Please note. If ya DO want any pics, there may well be a delay of some months before i am able to process and send them. Any Cd's sent will go via air mail ASAP and be hand-crafted with whatever crappy art medium i find lying around the house. Last time it was some of my photos cut to size... time before that was pastilles, er pastels? Anyways-

Well done!

And i wish i could give you ALL prizes. *sigh* You've all been most entertaining in yer answers.

Anyway. Next up. Other stuff.

"Will it be fun? " i hear you cry.



  4:47 am :. Blogger me hollered thusly:

awww... i'm so glad we have mutual bloggy friends through which we were introduced, so you could say nice things about me and I could win my first ever(!) competition!!. I can't wait for that A3 poster to come my way.

Also? Stella still exists.. I ask for it any bloody time I go to the Irish pub on the corner - which is... er.. too often??

  4:55 am :. Blogger The Saturnyne hollered thusly:

Cool. I'll be wanting to know what kind of pic you would like to adorn yer walls.

Currently i'm capable of pussies. trees and tree-like things. Staircases. Cloudscapes. And flowers.

I guess some examples of these can be found in me archives.

Heh! Ye'll have to be prepared for a little wait of a couple of months before anything arrives though...


  8:35 am :. Blogger Jessie hollered thusly:

I'm pretty good at sharing :)

Congratulations to Me and Cece!

  2:38 pm :. Blogger my sun sets to rise again hollered thusly:

Huzzah to the winners.

I believe my profiles popularity may be due to the fact that i am just an awesome profile writer. I was going to put 'sex' in but I thought that would just be unfair.

I may also have a stalker.

  3:45 pm :. Blogger stella hollered thusly:

Congratulations to *everyone*... I thought all the responses were very pumpkin-approved in originiality!!

(p.s. where else did ya think my name came from?? :)

  9:30 pm :. Blogger Teufel hollered thusly:

Indeed, Mr. Saturnyne: Darkchild and Teufel are finally meeting in July (be affraid, Europe).

  3:40 am :. Blogger Cece hollered thusly:

I'd like to thank the Academy and...OH! I won the PUMPKIN contest?! THATS EVEN BETTER!
Thank you Dear Saturnyne!

  4:37 am :. Blogger Dani hollered thusly:

Congrats to the winners. :-)

Jimmy Durante! The Hot-Cha-Cha guy! Check imdb.com, if you must. Here's a piccy of him that matches his pumpkin perfectly.

  11:02 pm :. Blogger Starbuck hollered thusly:

And congrats from me as well.

As for my reasoning, I was going to advise doing a Google Images on "Beano Smiffy", but I've just done so myself, and I'd got the wrong bleedin' Bash Street Kid. Its Wilfrid.

Any the wiser?

  9:13 pm :. Blogger Janey hollered thusly:

YAY! Janey sends love back and wonders if we can enter in off public negotiations for a copy of the AMC cd....!

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