6.1.05 | Band Fanwankery (as the prodigal Tam put's it). *grins*

"Oh look! That nice Mr Saturnyne is gonna talk about his favourite band again. Shall we move on to the next blog until he calms down/stops being boring?"


My call goes out to all U.K. and European visitors to this website (all 6 of you! Heh!)

American Music Club are performing here in Europe this very month! Come and see Mark Eitzel sing about the utter desolation of fragmenting love, bereavement, alcoholism and pain, not to mention loathing. Come and see Mark have a nervous breakdown live on stage! Watch the most underrated and oddball guitarist of our times in his sidekick, Vudi. (The other guys are pretty fucking awesome, too!) Marvel!- that here is a singer who lives and breathes his songs, and who, will bear his wracked heart, and further, will practically destroy his voice for your pleasure! Oh, and the lyrics.... *swoon*

There was another band who had a comeback this year. The Pixies were good. A.M.C. are fucking better. And they released a brand new album to go with the comeback. I didn't see the Pixies doing that, did you?

Also, A.M.C. have made the most beautiful love song ever, in Western Sky... So there! I rest my case.

Here's the tour dates:
And if anyone's interested, I shall be hopefully attending the one in Manchester, sunday 30th. If anyone fancies going to that, let me know, and i'll meet yer there... i might even have a ticket spare for you, if i'm told early enough...

Mon, January 17
Netherlands, Amsterdam - Paradiso

Wed, January 19
Netherlands, Rotterdam - Rotown

Thurs, January 20
Paris - Café de la Danse

Fri, January 21
Belgium, Brussels - AB Club

Sat, January 22
Belgium, Gent - Handelsbeurs

Sun, January 23
London - Islington Academy

Mon, January 24
Brighton - Concorde2
with Trashcan Sinatras
Box Office: 0127 367 3311
on-line tickets

Tue, January 25
Cardiff - Clwb Ifor Bach
box office: 029 2023 2199

Wed, January 26
Bristol - Fiddlers
box office: 0117 987 3403

Fri, January 28
Ireland, Galway - Roisin Dubh
box office: 00 353 9158 9202

Sat, January 29
Ireland, Dublin - The Village
box office: 0818 719 300

Sun, January 30
Manchester - Academy3
box office: 0161 832 1111

Mon, January 31
Liverpool - Academy Rooms
box office: 0151 256 5555

Wed, February 2
Glasgow - King Tuts
box office: 0870 169 0100

Thu, February 3
Sheffield - Leadmill
box office: 0870 010 4555

Fri, February 4
Nottingham - Rescue Rooms
box office: 0115 958 8484

Sat, February 5
Birmingham - Academy
box office: 0870 771 2000

There's a live streaming audio and video for those with a little speed in their internet connections here (Note, it requires Real Media Player to play. There's a free version somewhere on this site)


PS. Tam, where the effin' 'ell, are ya? = (


  12:14 pm :. Blogger B hollered thusly:

thanks for that link- i had not heard their stuff. i don't have a half hour to watch the whole thing (have to be off to work in a bit), i'll see the rest later.
i'm already impressed with the first song. super lyrics!

  2:36 pm :. Blogger Cece hollered thusly:

Gotta check the link now. Be right back...

  7:15 pm :. Blogger Darkchild hollered thusly:

Hehehe, they're even coming to the Netherlands twice!!!
To bad I can't on both days...


  9:42 pm :. Blogger Jessie hollered thusly:

Good work with all that linking.

I'm seriously considering starting a BRING BACK TAM!! campaign. It would consist of leaving comments to that effect on every blog in her blogroll, plus a few similar posts from people such as yourself and me. Whaddya reckon?!

  9:50 pm :. Blogger Jessie hollered thusly:

Oh, and hey, well done for fixing the comment-on-post-pages issue! *applause*

  4:13 am :. Blogger The Saturnyne hollered thusly:

Well Jessie, i don't know that she's gone anywhere. Although she hasn't posted anything new on her blog for several days... and no major post for nearly a month, i have been in contact with her over this period... until a few days ago... Then she just vanished on me.

I don't know if she was pissed at me (she wouldn't be the first. Or last). Or if it's something else...

I DO know however, that her blog today looks different in IE. So perhaps that's something positive; After all she's been working hard on getting it to look good for weeks now. Perfectionist, y'know... and i rather think, on reflection that our conversations were distracting her from this task...

I just wish she'd said something. *Sticks tongue out at Tam when she reads this*


  10:13 am :. Blogger Jo Hubris hollered thusly:

I wanna go see AMC. Do people over there actually listen to the music when they go see a band, or do they just stand around drinking like they seem to do here?

  7:31 pm :. Blogger Starbuck hollered thusly:

I second the missed-ness of Tamara. Hers is (was?) the bestest blog around. Sigh. Sob.

As for American Music Club, I bought one of their CD's on the cheap years and years ago. And I've not got round to listening to it yet. Not once. Am I a bad person.

I'm sure I'm gonna love it - I sort-of saw them in a tent at a festival a decade back and fell in love with the music, in a slit-my-wrists-now kind of way. Sigh. Sob.

  3:42 pm :. Blogger The Saturnyne hollered thusly:

Well, normally, Jo, when people go see AMC, it's all about reverence. People stand there watching, calling out for favourite songs... there can be quite a lot of interplay between Eitzel and the audience. He doesn't suffer ignorant fools gladly, though... i once saw him get so annoyed at some woman's repeated requests for a song that he unplugged his acoustic, strode to the front of the stage, gave her a withering look and played the most deliberately awful version of the song! Right in her face! Stupid bitch probably didn't get that he was mocking her, though... I've also seen him storm off in a terrible mood, when he didn't think he was getting enough respect. ALSO seen him getting carried away with the ironic rock posturing and knock himself off the side of the stage with his guitar, as he threw it up in the air. The blood was everywhere! Hit him right on the forehead, it did.

I'd be dead happy for you if ya ever get to see him or AMC...

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