9.11.04 | Whaddya Want Me To Shoot?

Jumping on the bandwagon of a million other peoples once again...

I, The Saturnyne, have the cameras.

You, the Not-The Saturnyne, can have the ideas.

So, my darlings, what three things would ya like to see a photo of? Taken with my cunning hand and eye, of course. No request too tawdry or outrageous! Everything will be considered! Step right up and make your bid...

Let's see where it takes us.



  12:20 pm :. Blogger Zen hollered thusly:

I would like to see some pictures of myself in fishnet and leather doing some really freaky nasty acts...but since I live a zillion miles from you, that would probably not be practical :p

  12:30 pm :. Blogger SingleFin hollered thusly:

Ah-ha! What would make my day is a picture of the most vicious sock puppet you can find, and pictures of Saturnynes-eye-view of a pub door on the way in, and on the way out. And, if you have both the time and the inclination, a replica X-wing made from Rizlas. (Silver king size for preference)

That'll do me :)

  2:19 pm :. Blogger The Saturnyne hollered thusly:

Zen: Eeeek!

Singlefin: An excuse for going dahn the pub. Yippee! Sock puppets? Gawd!- Y'mean i've actualy got to put some creative effort into this? Bah!

  3:56 pm :. Blogger stella hollered thusly:

Why, more self-portraits of the lovely Saturnyne of course! Include a few nature shots in the background, indie disco nights, and some outfits I've been known to wear...(heeheee)...

Ooooh and i'd also like to see the local scenery in your parts of the hood perhaps?? Curiousity is brimming.

  5:28 pm :. Blogger Princess Potty Mouth hollered thusly:

Gargoyles, faries, and Unicorns.... or instead of unicorns... something like a Succubus or an Incubus.... MMMMM rape ... lol

  7:57 pm :. Blogger Darkchild hollered thusly:

I wanna see a picture of....nothingness ^-^

Yeah, I know I should change the color...but I don't know how!!!


  8:12 pm :. Blogger The Saturnyne hollered thusly:

An' my next post will be entitled "Questions i've most regretted asking ever!"

I would have to say, Amanda, that i asked around all the mythical creatures i know, told them your request. And they laughed at me, the demon-types even threw beermats (They like hangin' round my local pub, y'see). In fact, the only one who didn't laugh was the unicorn, an' that's because he was off in some forest glade gallivanting with some virgin nuns...

um, "nothingness"... doesn't give me much room to manoeuvre on the visual front, does it, D.C.? However. I'll see what i can do using my own interpretation...

  11:01 pm :. Blogger Starbuck hollered thusly:

I'd like to see a pet in mental turmoil. Nothing too disturbing, mind.

  12:20 am :. Blogger Princess Potty Mouth hollered thusly:

Oh so you wanted something far more tangable... um k then.... lets see... I like the idea of nothingness... but if you couls take a picture of "clear"... Yeas "clear" that would be neato and I would give you huge props for pulling it off...

um... or maybe a pretty little fem bod... you see the female body is a loverly thing... but if not and worse comes to worse the most beautiful pictures are usually that of nature... I remember taking a photography class in high school and my fav pictures were that of eggs (black and white project) and the one I took of a flower growing near and around a soda can... I though it was eligant and depicted nature at its strongest... hmmm but you can always do what you think woudl look loverly....

mind you... those silly creatures shoudl not have laughed at my rather awesome request... but not to worry I am not hurt or crushed.... I amy have to hunt them down now for sport though... jk

  4:01 am :. Blogger B hollered thusly:

i have to agree that i would most like to see some snapshots of your hometown. also, i'd love to see a packet of bacon crisps on an old wood pub table- next to a lovely pint ofcourse. mmm, that would bring back some really nice, warm (altho it was cold there) feelings of england for me.

  12:51 pm :. Blogger Tam hollered thusly:

How about... the inside of the Tate Modern? Eh? Ass.

  2:28 pm :. Blogger The Saturnyne hollered thusly:



Stop reminding me that i haven't been to the goddamn Tate Modern, an' just tell me that you want pics of fornicating eclairs/ stabbed eclairs/ giant insects with wings (Totally impossible to find a live one at this time of year, i'll have you know) and something embarrassing from my childhood!

Ya won't let me forget this, willya? I'ts gonna be a vendetta for the rest of time itself! Ye'll be contacting me through seances to say "Haven't visited the Tate Modern, have you? Ass!"

  2:59 pm :. Blogger Cece hollered thusly:

Okay here it goes.
1. Full body pic of you in your favorite kimono. Becuz you are presumably often lounging in a kimono.
2. Pic of Pumpkin sitting in front of your home. Cuz I like to see Pumpkin and where you two hang out.
3. Pic of your favorite room of your home. So I can imagine you and where you are most comfortable.
4. Pic of the computer you blog at. So I can picture you blogging away.
5. Pic of your hands. What do those hands look like?
6. Pic of your bed. Where does The Saturnyne sleep? Interesting...
Take your pick! or pic.

  12:41 am :. Blogger The Saturnyne hollered thusly:

And why o why has no-one asked for a pic of the view from my bedroom window? Eh? Something nice and easy?

Damn! Still, i shall rise to the challenge(s) set and see how many pics i can provide you all with over the next few weeks leading up to Christmas.

All images shall be artistically licensed, of course, so you might not get exactly the thing you were asking for, but my own interpretation of...

What there won't be though, is:
1. Pumpkin: I don't think she'd appreciate her picture on the web... unless i can somehow disguise her. It's an agreement i have with her. but i can ask, i suppose.
2. Tate Modern. NO Tate moderns. Ever. *sticks tongue out at Tam*
3. Mythical creatures. Hard to take pics of. They move around too much. PS. Amanda, they say "Come and have a go if yer think yer 'ard enough". The cheeky little darlings!
4. I can't remember what four is, but we'll have none of it!- Whatever it is...

  1:11 am :. Blogger boldface hollered thusly:

You live in a village eh? How about a picture of the village green? Or any common ground that's local, really.

Failing that, a picture of a well, with a pump or a bucket, and a person standing nearby. How about a picture of that?

Thank you in advance...

  5:00 am :. Blogger The Saturnyne hollered thusly:

Hiya Boldface.

Hmm, it's not perhaps the kind of village green you might envisage. But a picture of a similar place is certainly going to be placed on this blog at a point in the (hopefully) near future. So i can, most happily grant yer request. It kinda ties in with some of the other requests too. So that's good all round.

Harle Syke now is almost a suburb of the (very) nearby town of Burnley. It grew from a few farmhouses, a church and perhaps an inn, into a village with several rows of terraces and perhaps half a dozen cotton-mills, built to support a burgeoning cotton-weaving industry. The cotton has long since left those mills, to be replaced by call-centres and other modern businesses. Although there is now a museum to remind us of our glorious and thriving past...

Never been any wells here for as long as i've lived though.


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