20.11.04 | Listen, The Snow Is Falling

"Is it snowing?"says one elderly Parental Unit, peering short-sightedly out of the window.

"Nah", we all say.

Then we look again.

Blameh! It is!

And i can't resist, but have to hurtle myself outside into a flurry of snowflakes. Oh gorgeous pure whiteness; kissing my face with icy lips! What a thrill!

"Wait!- Don't you want a scarf?" but i laugh with wild joy as the elders voice fades bemusedly into the distance and the silence of the first herald of Winter.

Later, i stand with gleeful arms outstretched as a million icy meteors explode in slo-mo around me.

Alas, that the Earth is yet warm, and so these meteors fail to take hold and clothe the land sufficiently with silence.

But who can resist, with child-like heart, the first snows of Winter? I for one, cannot. And walking home, i sing the one good song that Yoko Ono ever sang. Named like the title of this post.

Listen, The Snow Is Falling

Listen the snow is falling over town
Listen the snow is falling everywhere
Between Empire State Building
And between Trafalgar Square
Listen the snow is falling over town

Listen the snow is falling over town
Listen the snow is falling everywhere
Between your bed and mine
Between your head and my mind
Listen the snow is falling over town

Between Tokyo and Paris
Between London and Dallas
Between your God and mine
Listen the snow is falling everywhere

Snow dream
Snow fall
Snow fly

The track can be found here currently; On The Galaxie 500 website (One of my favourite bands) Galaxie 500 also do an even better cover of it as well. Unfortunately, it seems that the site has run outta download bandwidth for the next several days. What a pisser! Pity.

Going back to Yoko. AS well as being responsible for this one beautiful piece of music she is also responsible for THIS, which is without doubt the most reprehensible piece of fucking awful piss i have ever had the misfortune to listen to. Imagine the poetry of Nancy Millstone Jennings (Prizes for guessing who that is) and then just add to music. This album is so fucking bad, i feel like retching uncontrollably even just thinking about it.

Put it another way, you know i love you, right? Well, i'd rather kill you than have to listen to this ever again. You want an example? Ok, click on the sample from that first track (On the link. Halfway down the page. Choose yer music player of choice. All that shit. Have you done it yet?) Lyrics:

"You ungrateful bitch
I'm gonna throw you in a ditch."

Some people would kill for good lyrics in a song. In this case, i think several people WERE killed in the attempt. Just because their brains couldn't tolerate living in the same world as this execrable self-indulgent hippo shite. (um, "hippo shite?")

And then:

"He grabbed me, he jabbed me, he stabbed me".

What is this!?!? What?!?! Has she been subtly impressed by "Stop The Pigeon" that legendary vessel of cartoon Dastardly and Muttley-ness?

After that of course, the tracks become unremittingly worse and worse.

Recently it was reported that Mark Chapman was refused parole. Personally, i think this is a heinous crime. Surely he should be allowed the chance to finish off what he started. Y'know. One final atonment. Imean, come on, she's done her bit for music, we can't allow her recent works to erode all that good (yet brief) moment of beauty now, can we?

... Oh, it's a cruel world...

(PS: Any other nominees for awful awful records?)


  12:33 pm :. Blogger Princess Potty Mouth hollered thusly:

ack and grr I say to snow... while it does look loverly I do so hate the rather friged cold that comes with it... Imean I live in canada... and it gets very very cold out there some days

  1:53 am :. Blogger The Saturnyne hollered thusly:

Ah, i am very lucky to live here in the U.K.... or i was... our winters were cold, but never so cold as those in Canada or many other places around the world.

Unfortunately, with global warming, there has come warmer and even milder temperatures, so that Winter storms may one day be but a distant memory save in the furthest reaches of Scotland...

I don't know whether you should be envied your seasonal beauties, or pitied for the hardships they bring.

with love

  2:05 pm :. Blogger Darkchild hollered thusly:

Is it already snowing there??? O.o
Lucky you!! Snow is pretty.
(As long as you don't have to go to school on a bike...)
We only have rain and hail here at this moment...And lot's more rain...

About the nominee's for awful lyrics I would nominee a piece of Hardcore (the music style, not a bandname)Unfortunately, my brother always listen to hardcore... :'(
I forgot the band who made it, and how it is named, but I do know that the lyrics totally suck!!

"Start war, coz this is hardcore. It's never seen before. Army of hardcore. Hardcore!!!"

Yeagh!!!! That something like that exists!!! And that's only one example. I heard one a while back and that seems to have only one line: "Die you motherfuckers!!!"
And I'm like: Did they loose their intelligence after listening to too much of that crap...


  3:31 am :. Blogger B hollered thusly:

oh, lovely snow.
my first trip to england was for new year's eve 2001 and it had just recently snowed. as i flew over the coast into london gatwick, everything was white. when i stepped outside the airport to get the gatwick express to victoria station, it was sooo cold. i don't think i had ever been so cold in my life.
the snow along the streets was black, london is so dirty. being from alabama and not having much experience walking on snowy and icy patches, i held on tight to my friend's arm has he took me around london to his favorite places.
jetlagged, i don't remember much of that trip, but i've been back to england every year since. i fly into london, then catch a train to my destination. that one day of my first trip over is all that i have experienced of london.
i've had my first real experiences with snowy winters since i've moved from alabama to northern middle tennessee. think we are gonna get a lot of snow here this year. i look forward to it. i love it when everything stops and is beautifully silent.

  3:37 am :. Blogger The Saturnyne hollered thusly:

Yeah, the silence. That and the purity of the whiteness of fresh snow on a Winters morning. At such times i could almost believe in a God.

  3:10 pm :. Blogger Cece hollered thusly:

That conjured the most beautiful picture in my mind. That is...you in the snow. Not those shitty lyrics. There is no snow in South Texas. But I remember my childhood in Minnesota. Children and snow. Thank God I grew up in a snowy place. I'll never forget it.

  8:26 pm :. Blogger The Saturnyne hollered thusly:

What? But those lyrics are great! Sung by a chanteuse of such magnitude that we are not even worthy to prostrate ourselves before her bodily excretions...

ok, i was joking about that last bit. Mebbe yer have to hear the song to appreciate that even a vile artist can produce some moments of beauty, no?

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