5.11.04 | A Humble and Hopefully Humorous Post To Cheer Up 50% Of America (And 98% of the apparently insignificant Rest-of-the-Planet)

Friends, in these troubled times, as we stand and gape in amazement at the re-election of the New Emperor, i've scoured the Web for things to cheer us all up.

PS: if ya did vote for Emperor George, it would be unkind of me not to say "Turn away! Turn-a-fuckin'-wayyyy!!! Nowww!!! Avert thine eyes, lest thou be repunged by the Unholy Blasphemies!!!"
PPS: OR ya could stay and whine and give me someone to take the piss out of. Sure i'd feel bad about that. It'd be like drowning helpless kittens. But, as Father George would say, "It's my divine duty. God told me to".

But first things first: I know it's late, but here's Cactus At Halloween. (I think this is episode four in the jolly swearing Cactus series).

Also, i know it's a bit early for Easter, but fuck it!- Here's some egg frenzy! (Bollocks! This link might be down at the moment. but it was brilliant, i assure you).

More um, "egg frenzy!" This time from Weebl and Bob. And it's got another new episode right after! Surely they must be getting onto their hundredth episode by now?

And now: Some Daliesque political humour. Honest.
Bush: Weebl and Bob comment!!

Bah! Well i was gonna post a nice pic of Mr Kerry sending The Emperor some Inauguration Pretzels, but apparently Blogbot doesn't like anything that's not a jpeg. And try as i might, this arsy image editing prog that isn't made by Adobe just won't convert it properly. Bastard thing. So here' a pic of The Emperor by that nice cartoonist, Mr Bell over at The Guardian Website.

New Emperor Monument! To be constructed in Washington.
Love and big mwah's to ya all.
PS: It is possible one of my near futureposts may be somewhat more political in it's wordiness. I haven't decided yet. But if politics ain't your bag, i'll let ya know in good time so ya can ignore it. Heaven knows, i'd hate to be boring...
Addendum To The PS: NAh, yer safe for now, the delectable Janey asked me to write something, but i wasn't sure if she meant political or bollocks. So i asked her for clarification.

"Bollocks, please", she replied.

Obviously a girl who knows my strengths. And weaknesss. Phew! More bollocks it is, then...


  3:02 pm :. Blogger Cece hollered thusly:

Eek! I just realized that I am the Fabulous Family Angel! WOW! Thank you for that. If you weren't on another continent, I would totally hunt you down and SMOOCH you! If I ever figure out how to put a blogroll on my site...or better yet...get Roy to do it for me...YOU'LL BE THERE! (dabbing tears) YOU ARE MY FAVORITE HARLE SYKER!

  5:11 pm :. Blogger Starbuck hollered thusly:

Ahh, thank you. You have cheered this small component of the 98%...

  2:02 am :. Blogger Tam hollered thusly:

Well I'm glad the political foray has been stopped for the time being. There isn't a single political blogger I haven't wanted to grab by the corduroy (sometimes suede) lapels and shake with disgust over their moralistic self importance and wildly convenient generalisations.

Eating, feasting, on ones ass is an integral part of that type of blogging, and while I'm sure you'll do your best to avoid it -- the assly allure is too strong for the likes of man.

  2:49 am :. Blogger B hollered thusly:

oodle doodle, eggs are the best!
i loved your humorous links. i had a seriously good laugh, and it was much needed after the disappointment of our election.
thanks so much for putting this huge smile on my face. wish you could see it, this smile is really big!
can't wait to see some cloud pics from you. PUT 'EM UP!

  4:08 am :. Blogger The Saturnyne hollered thusly:

Weird. i coulda sworn i'd posted a comm. here. Mebbe it's a blogger fault.

Ah well, i do so again.

Hey, yer welcome, B! My pleasure. My honour.

Aye, Tam, i couldn't agree more (As usual). I have realized today (but will verr likely forget tomorrow) that my best politick voice is one of sardonic amusement, with raised eyebrow. And wicked sarcasm for those who deserve it.

But also, and especially, polite patronizing. That really enrages 'em! it's all to the best really... for their own good. *grins evilly*

Mwah's all round, then.

  11:15 am :. Blogger Janey hollered thusly:

: )

And a good sat morning to you too! I can even spell BOLLOCKS this morning!

  11:12 pm :. Blogger Aberrant Templar hollered thusly:


I stumbled across your blog by accident. As a member of the previously mentioned 50% of America, I thank you for cheering me up.
I hope we don't invade your country.
Stupid Bush....


  12:40 am :. Blogger The Saturnyne hollered thusly:

Yer welcome, Jason. My pleasure. And the next elections to be embarrassed about will our very own U.K. one's. Because although the majority of our country dislikes Tony B, and wouldn't trust him as far as they could throw him, the alternatives are pretty awful, too. So he'll probably get back in, as well. Oh The Shame!

The most i can do in these situations is to give people something to laugh about and cheer us all up. Meself included.

Take care, and drop by anytime.

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