12.10.04 | American Presidential Debate: The Truth

Ahh, so that's wot it woz!

This cartoon and more like it can be found by visiting my "Guardian Angel" Linky... somewhere down the right there... The cartoonist is called Steven Bell, or Steve Bell, or Maybe Steevey-Weevey Belly to his chums.

Mr Bell to you and me, though. Especially if we make bad jokes around his name.

Anyway, continuing the theme... in a roundabout way... which we'll come to later... i was at my favourite venue in Burnley-town last night watching the ever-charming Sian sing our socks off (She's also in me linkyloos down the side). (Blame Tam for me calling 'em "linkyloos" by the way... did i mention that Tam is also in... yeah yeah... ok, i'm digressing...)

...where was i? Oh yeah, Music. Venue. Called The Red Triangle Cafe. Lovely place. You must come and have a mug o' coffee with me there sometime.

Got delightfully drunk. Got slightly stoned. Not. (about 1%... waste o' time really. Cannabis never works for me when i smoke it. Although it doesn't stop me from optimistically trying it when passed on those very rare occasions when it comes into reach. Interestingly, most of the drug-dealers in this area are probably aged about ten... Where do they get it from, i wonder? Evil clowns, i reckon) Met nice people, and re-met an old friend who i thought was never going to speak to me again. His missus, was there also, an' she's currently living down near Mr Singlefins (links. *sigh* Over there *waves hand in links direction*), apparently. Listened to some great music, and some awful poetry readings, which one watches in the hope of the very minute chance of spontaneous-combustion live onstage...

Came back with my-reacquainted friend and spent the rest of the night/morning watching Weebl and Bob (scroll down/scroll up/look across the page to the right a little. Notice the badly titled thing which is my poor approximation of something called Links. Except i obviously haven't called it that. No, that would be too easy. As would including proper links to everyone i've mentioned so far, directly from this post. Well i like to make ya work for yer enjoyment an' pleasure. It's one o' the ways i get my cheap kicks. Anyways i'm digressing, so back to what i "was doing"...), and playing fps computah games (fraggerama!), oh and watching Sian's friend Kylie, dyeing her hair live on webcam. For this entertainment, we taunted her with drunken gibberish, spoken in cheap posh accents.

Oh, yeah, getting back to the tenuous "theme"... while i was sitting drunkenly in the caff' i happened to notice some leaflets demanding "Bush Out".

Now call me stupid-

(Everyone: "You're stupid!")

(Me: "Roight you lot, Ahtsoide, Naah!")

... but in my drunken state i first thought that it was some anti-feminist fanatics propaganda. An' THEN i considered hopefully that i might be some pro-feminist propaganda, seeing as i was in a socialist environment...

"Sisters! Feel my solidarity!" It was one of those kind of moments. Oh dear...

Of course i realized my faux-pas. Erm... later.

Well!- i was drunk!! Ok? I just hope that nice looking old couple i was sitting next to at the time, understood that too...

Ack! Embarrassment!

Anyway, in closing, i want you all to go an' say Hi to Janey. (No pansy-wansy excuses for not doing). Who has recently suffered a furry bereavement, an' needs lotsa condolences, cos she's utterly one of the nicest people in the entire wide world ever, an' i adore her. (She also looks kinda scrummy, too!)

Ay thank yew!



  2:47 pm :. Blogger Cece hollered thusly:

BUSH OUT?! <---laughing and laughing and laughing some more.
That DOES sound like anti-fem propaganda! Oh dear. I'm right there with you and I haven't been drunk in over a year! (sigh)

  3:47 pm :. Blogger Janey hollered thusly:

*blushes fitfully* thank 'ee me dear. I have been a maudlin bint of late, must confess. Love the cartoon by the way, and did I mention my friend gave me a shirt which reads 'Wax Bush 2004'...?

  9:34 pm :. Blogger Cece hollered thusly:

Omigosh. We could make all kinds of dirty sounding shirts!


....You know, along those lines. What fun!

  6:18 pm :. Blogger Princess Potty Mouth hollered thusly:

*SIGH*... oH HOW I MISSED THE ANTICS.... *yawn....*

  2:47 pm :. Blogger The Saturnyne hollered thusly:

Antics? You missed them?

Well, i'm sure there'll be more along any minute...

  2:10 pm :. Blogger Starbuck hollered thusly:

Steve Bell is The Don (as I believe these youngsters say).

Never fails to make an impact.

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