25.10.04 | Ah, More Stuff I've Nicked From People

Saw this first on Tam's and Jessie's blogs, they saw it on someone else's, and someone else saw it on another someone else's. Like i'm gonna track back through half a million blogs until i find the original source. Even if i don't have a life, i need to pretend i have!

First, Last And Now Blah.

  • First job: Washing dishes for a wedding reception. 200 of everything! Took hours! Thank god for dishwashers! But it was kinda fun. Was invited back in the evening to collect glasses in the Townies nightclub on the floor below. That was even more fun. I became a glass collector extraordinaire, PLUS, being incredibly poilte, i was able to stamp on the feet (Oh yes, of course it was all an accident) of all the dancing townie scum, apologize, and get away with it. Now there's a talent for ya.

  • First screen name: Like a film star? The Saturnyne. Have been for years.

  • First funeral: My Grandfathers. Everyone wept. But not I. I was numb inside.

  • First pet: 'twas probably a budgerigar called Peter. We had several, 18, i think, one after the other. All called Peter. Many died in unfortunate circumstances. Eg; accidentally rolled on by father, necked in the door. None, however were as dreadful as the one i read about in the paper the other day. A poor budgie-bird got entangled in net curtains, so some kindly aunt grabbed a pair of scissors to cut it free. Alas, she cut the poor birds feet off in the process, leaving the little fella to fly around the room in circles until dropping to the carpet dead with exhaustion.

  • First piercing: Haven't i answered this one before? 21. Shards of broken glass straight into right eye. Avoided piercings after that. Also avoided drunken youths with attitude problems whose idea of a birthday celebration is to beat the crap outta everyone in sight.

  • First tattoo: No tattoos. No piercings. No body art things whatsoever. Am perfect enough.

  • First credit card: Never owned a credit card. Should get one, i know. The internets so cheap these days.

  • First kiss: Burnley bus station. Girl called Anne. I was 18, and thus a late developer, i guess. Fantastic kiss. Lasted ages. Full on tongue action. I was great! She was impressed! But then i'd been imagining the act for ages. Plus watching the experienced peeps really helps, ya know. She dumped me six weeks later, an' started going back out with her ex. I recovered in the arms of a 30 year old mother of 3. Regrets- i've had a few...

  • First enemy: Dead. All dead. Of course, I never touched them, an' was probably hanging out with several alibis, all of whom can vouch for my exemplary character, and love of kittens.

  • Last car ride: Taxi on the way back from the cinema with Pumpkin. Went ta see "Hero". More on that in another post though.

  • Last kiss: Hug anna platonic peck from Pumpkin. Last full-on snog was quite some time ago and happened in bizarre circumstances, that i have hinted slightly at on Singlefins and B's blogs. It was a racy, but eventually depressing evening. I won't be blogging about it, but anyone who wants ta know the sordid and yet amusing details, is free to email me... first one to do so can request a topic for a future blog. Don't all rush now! Oh. You didn't...

  • Last movie watched: At the cinema, it was obviously Hero. If i was to blog this in a couple of days time, then it'd be either The Motorcycle Diaries, or a dvd ahm currently looking at on me desk called The Warrior, which is supposed to be splendid.

  • Last beverage drank: Pure orange juice. Am really into drinking that at the moment. Otherwise it's wine. Red wine.

  • Last food consumed: My very last Waifa bar ever. Plain choccy obviously. Am reliably informed that Terry's have stopped making them! I am AGHAST! I am MORTIFIED! not to mention DESPONDENT! I've been eating one with a glass of milk every sunday for the past million years or so. Kit Kats are rubbish by comparison, and just don't go with my sunday newspaper. If any of you come across any of these yummy things in the shops, i heartily suggest treating yerselves. Better still, i heartily suggest sending them to me for, ah, conservation purposes.

  • Last phone call: Made: The bloody dentist, for more dentist traumery! Oh how i love to suffer... Received: Pumpkin, telling me what a great day she had. BAh!

  • Last time showered: Always after breakfast. I won't go out unless i can have a nice shower. I feel all yechhy otherwise.

  • Last CD played: A little known Irish band called The Latecomers. Album called That's All From Memory Lane.

  • Last website visited: Any one of you lot. Or mebbe something with nekkidness on display... who knows...

  • Single or taken: Single. Take me! Take me now! Actually, don't! You'd only regret it. Am really quite a challenge. Wouldn't want you to suffer.

  • Gender: I like the fact that this comes under the "Now" category... like i might've been something else before. Male... with female tendencies an' attitudes. Probably.

  • Birthday: Hah! I was never born! You can't prove it!

  • Sign: Usually an in yer face "V" sign. Oh all right, you Zodiac fetishists, i'm a Taurus

  • Siblings: Older brother. Apparently, i'm the "Quiet One".

  • Hair color: Blackish-brown, withsilver streaks that catch the light just so.

  • Eye color: Hazel. Bloodshot.

  • Shoe size: 8 and a half. Or 43 if yer continental.

  • Height: Somewhere between 5'7" and 5'9". I've never measured it exactly.

  • Wearing: Black kimono, with tacky silver dragon pattern, black levi's, black pullover, mocassins (guess what colour), pentagram, eye-shadow... ok, mebbe not any eye-shadow today, but if it was, it'd be blue or black, to go with the lippy. Actually, i think i'm too old for da lippy now, so it'd be just eye-shadow. I do get very stained lips from all that red wine, though.

  • Drinking: Coffee. Strong. Touch o' milk. 1 sugar (unless i'm being awkward, then it's half.)

  • Thinking about: Escape. Freedom. Anger. Willpower. Sex. Love. Sleep. Loss. Strength. Beauty. Compassion. Sorrow. Dreams. Living.

  • Listening to: The quiet hum of my pc's fans. The wind and rain creating a symphony outside. My breath; the silence at the centre of the storm.


  6:56 pm :. Blogger Cece hollered thusly:

ooh! That was neato. I may try that out myself!

  9:13 pm :. Blogger Princess Potty Mouth hollered thusly:

I am going to do it too for great funs sake... sure to be posted at some point soon... or now

  1:31 pm :. Blogger Jessie hollered thusly:

I totally didn't pick up on that gender thing being under 'now', even when my friend Marilyn sent me her list stating "female (always have been)".

Taureans are so cool.

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