14.9.04 | Things i Nicked From Singlefin (part 1)

Thanks to Tom, who can be found somewhere on my links... have fun looking for him, and don't forget to say hello to the people who's pages you might happen upon accidentally, 'cause they're all interesting in their ways... must remember to ass dome more... weird i meant "add some more"... "Freudian Slip"? now i wonder how one "Ass-domes"...?

last one:

Series 1-8

Created by andy and taken 9176 times on bzoink!

[ series 1 ]
NameThe Saturnyne
Birthday9th of May sometime A.D... despite what Tam says... hee!
BirthplaceMy bedroom. My home. Harle Syke
Current LocationMy Lounge
Eye ColorHazel
Hair ColorDark Brown
Righty or LeftyAmby
Zodiac SignTaurus
FontSage or Tengwar
[ series 2 - your favorite ]
MusicIndie (see profile for specifics)
CartoonWill o' the Wisp
ColorRust (and black if we're not being pedantic)
CarI walk... wouldn't mind a moped or a Vincent Black Lightning though...
Slushy FlavorCranberry
MagazinePrivate Eye
TV ShowSpaced
Song at the MomentNYC by Interpol; (and then) ; Desolate Vision by The Latecomers
LanguagePoetically licensed English
Spice GirlAny. Do i get a choice of weapon?
Food & BeverageOmelette and a nice salad
Subject in SchoolAvoidance
Weekend ActivityMeeting Pumpkin for coffee
Frozen YogurtNever tried it
Roller CoasterAah! Ah! ah! Aaaaarrrrghhhhh... etc. ...AAAaaaaarghhhhhhhh!!!
[ series 3 - what is ]
Your most overused phraseBollocks! Fuck! Wankaah! Arse! Arsy Bollocks! Bollocks!
First thing you thought when you woke upBollocks!
Last image/thought you go to sleep withBollocks! erm... NOT an image.
First feature you notice of opposite sexeyes. then lips. then an all over job (viewing) with outright lechery.
Best name for a ButlerWank. Or Lucy.
Wussiest SportFor me. Sport is all about failure to get picked at school games. Especially when one scores nine goals the previous week. Fuck sport!
Your best featurePhysical; my eyes. Mental: my sense of humour
Your greatest fearLosing Pumpkin and growing old alone.
Your greatest accomplishmentloyalty and love in the face of adversity
Your most missed memorysitting on a garden bench somewhere on May 6th 1991 (d'ya wanna see th' poem?)
[ series 4 - you prefer ]
Pepsi or CokeArgh! Fizzy drinks! Avoid! Avoid!
McDonald's or Burger KingSee Spice Girls question above
Single or Group Datessingle
Adidas or Nikegimme sneaker pump type things any day
Chicken nuggets or Chicken fingersnope. don't think so.
Dogs or Catscats. CATS! Caaats!
Rugrats or Dougwhat a bollocks question!!!
Single or Takentricky question that sometimes... but single
Monica or Brandyumm... Barman, mine's a double Monica! Nah, brandy.
Tupac or Jay-ZTupacs already dead, isn't he? So Jay-Z... with ambient muzak through heart
Shania Twain or LeAnn Rhymesi'll do 'em both for ya. Laser scoped rifle ok with ya?
Lipton Ice Tea or NesteaThis is England! We'll have none of that foreign stuff here, thank-you!
One pillow or Twotwo. or one. mebbe none.
Chocolate or Vanillachoccie
Hot chocolate or Hot cocoammm... tricky one... can i have both?
Cappucino or Coffeecoffee
[ series 5 - do you ]
Shower everydayyes
Have a crushyeah... millions
Think you've been in lovei KNOW i have. So feck off with yr smarmy question
Want to go to collegenot again... but then i DO wanna learn Spanish
Like high schoolfuck right off!
Want to get marriedoh yes.
Type correctlyHahahahahaha!
Believe in yourselfno
Have any tattoos? Whereyeah, on me knuckles i have "Left" and "Righ"
Have any piercings? Wherewell once i had a sharp fragment of glass thrust rather hard into my right eye. Ansd also... mmm, no i don't think i'll talk about the other incident...
Get motion sicknessdepends if i've eaten or not... if i haven't, then yeah
Think you're a health freakno. yes. no
Get along with your parentsyes. no. yes, i love them
Like thunderstormsYes. And Thor is a neighbour. (true!)(No-really!)
[ series 6 - the future ]
Age your plan to be marriedany
Number and names of childrenElanor, Melicent (Of course they're gonna be girls! Haven't you seen what little shits the boys are!)
Where will you be at age 20nowhere. nowhere at all
Dream weddingmy local church. Then down to Singlefins favourite beach for some beach fun. Heyyy, Dude!
How do you want to diei don't care. i just want it to have some meaning to someone
Dream jobphotographer of artistically posed naked women
Country you'd like to visitNew Zealand. Canada. Iceland. in random order
[ series 7 - opposite sex ]
Best eye colordon't care
Best hair colorstill don't care
Short or long hairnope. not caring
Best heightequal to or shorter than me
Best weightaround mine... i'm around ten stone (and please don't ask what a "stone" is. Ok it's a dozen pebbles)
Best clotheswhatever she's happy with. i only care about the person wearing them
Best first date locationanywhere. If it's right we'll make our own entertainment
Best first kiss locationoooh! (Wicked grin.)
[ series 8 - other ]
Last time you slept with a stuffed animalpeversions? With stuffed animals? Good idea!
Rings before you answer the phoneanything under 5 (If i were you, i'd not let it ring beyond 5. Trust me on this...)
What's on your mousepadNo mousey mat here! We use mind control and sweetie prompts
How many houses you've lived inWhat do you mean by "lived"? Exactly?
How many schools you've gone toWhat do you mean by "gone to"? Exactly?
Bedroom carpet colorblack. mainly
Shave your head for $5,000?no problemo. i'll shave everything for that amount! Bring me that expensive camera NOW!
Stranded on a desert island. Take three things. No peopleThe Biography of Manuel by James Branch Cabell (i'm cheating here). A solar pwered ipod full of all my albums. Solar powered laptop with internet connection
Best time of your life so farBulgaria; Pumpkin-Time =]

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Aah, the joy of indecisiveness!!!


  4:33 pm :. Blogger ophelia's nymph hollered thusly:

Veee-ry interesting responses Mr Saturnyne. So you're not that fussy about the opposite sex then??? In that case I would be perfect for you. :P

I'll just sit here and wait for you to ask me out...

  5:32 pm :. Blogger SingleFin hollered thusly:

Solar powered laptop with internet connection... Handy.
Nah, I'll stick with the Rizla. Ho ho.

  6:30 pm :. Blogger The Saturnyne hollered thusly:

aaa but i'd use my internet connection to send maydays, asking for vodka and other luxury items. "Rizlas? No problem mate!", they'd say. "Would ya like some weed with that?"

  8:09 pm :. Blogger The Saturnyne hollered thusly:

ah. J.


yr such a flirt!

  2:49 am :. Blogger Lizzy hollered thusly:


  1:21 pm :. Blogger Tam hollered thusly:

I love that in PaulLand an omelette is, infact, a beverage.

  4:57 pm :. Blogger The Saturnyne hollered thusly:

Omelette- A beverage?!?!
i'm not drinking that!

  5:39 pm :. Blogger Darkchild hollered thusly:


Haha, the cat yeah!!

Uh..I dunno or it's still there...
Hehe ^-^

We aren't alowed to go to the basement and we said it to a teacher that there was a cat in there, but he said that wasn't a problem cause it would go his own way anyway...

The problem is that we don't know or it can come out on it's own....

Uhm..may I ask you where this post is exactly about??

  6:16 pm :. Blogger The Saturnyne hollered thusly:

Hi D'child. "where"? or do you mean "what"? Or do you mean "who"?

THe post is a questionnaire about me. A quiz thing. Hope that helps. Feel free to ask some more if this answer doesn't make sense. I DO remember that English isn't your first language, so i'll do my best to answer clearly.


  2:17 pm :. Blogger SingleFin hollered thusly:

Ommelete, beverage? What is this heresy?

  11:44 am :. Blogger Tam hollered thusly:

Oh, this may be my bad, when he answered 'Omelette and a nice salad' to the 'Favourite Food & Beverage' question -- perhaps, just perhaps, the SALAD was meant to be the beverage, such are the wonders of PaulLand.

  1:38 pm :. Blogger SingleFin hollered thusly:

Salad? Beverage? What is this heresy?

Ah'm a-gonna find me a pitchfoik!

  3:23 pm :. Blogger The Saturnyne hollered thusly:

umm.... liquid lunch anyone? Salad smoothies? No? In my delight at telling all and sundry about my love of yummy omelettes, i..may... have omitted, um, to menrtion my favourite bev.

Am currently debating with self if i can get away with the idea of "drinking salads"... and hoping no-one notices...

  9:10 pm :. Blogger Princess Potty Mouth hollered thusly:

How does one go about an "ass dome" can it be used in the past tence "ass domed" or "ass doming" or would that be spelled with an "e".... i wonder... hmmm

  6:15 am :. Blogger The Saturnyne hollered thusly:

aaah! nuthin' like a bit of ass-doming!

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