7.9.04 | My Band Tours- Go See Them...

... Or i'll fucking kill you!

Ok... mebbe i won't...

Actually i won't have to, because if you ever missed them, and then one day realised that what you'd missed was the most astonishing and moving performance of your worthless and meaningless existence, then you'd kill yerself anyway. I promise.

Of course i'm talking about American Music Club, here. If you're a regular reader of my site, then you'll remember my previous post...

Reasons to love A.M.C.

1. Their singer and songwriter, Mark Eitzel. Here is a man who encapsulates all human love and joy and suffering. This is a man who has actually lived his songs. And during gigs he plays them out for you. This man has actually bled onstage for his performance, and he didn't even notice! I watched him practically destroy his voice for his audience one night, when he was suffering from a severe throat infection. We the audience wept with rapture at the beauty he created for us. And then he apologised. for not singing so well. He's a fucking god amongst men. He doesn't have just one muse- he has ALL of them!

2. They sound like all of your favourite bands ever. And none of them at all. Using every music genre available, from blues to jazz to rock to everything... and they still have their own sound.

3. Who else could write a desolate lovesong song with a title like "What Godzilla Said To God When His Name Wasn't Found In The Book Of Life"? Eh? No-one!

4. ditto: Johnny Mathis' Feet

5.ditto: the self-effacing In My Role as the Most Hated Singer in the Local Underground Music Scene.

6. And who else could have the skill to use a chorus like this:

"The world is held together by the wind
That blows through Gena Rowland's hair".

and make it just about one of the most aching laments to love that you've ever heard?

7. Sample song lyrics: A song from their new album. Loss and dying love has never sounded so profound, or so painful... if you actually go out and buy the new album, called "Love Songs For Patriots" and actually listen to it then you'll understand that these mere words cannot convey the beauty of it...

Myopic Books

One day
I left my room in the evening
It was freezing, a sidewalk shining
But it was okay - I wasn't lonely
I wasn't no one, I was just hoping
for a bookstore, like the one I prayed for
and the music they'd play there
would be Dinosaur Jr.
and the people who worked there
would be super skinny
and super unfriendly -
and that would make me happy
That would make me happy

And what really kills me, is I'm only lonely
when I talk to you, yeah I should have told you
I just can't handle, your endless sorrow
All I wanted from you
was some tomorrow
But it's okay - I'll find a bookstore
and buy Saul Bellow
and one about old ruins
for my mother, You never met her -
she liked Manhattans.
they taste like mouthwash
she understood how to be
alone, all alone
All alone

Maybe the worst is over
Maybe the worst is over
Maybe the worst is over
Maybe the worst is over

One day
I left my room in the evening
The sun had just gone down,
but the sky was still shining
and not even the stars out,
up in their heaven
could throw their ashes
on the blue still burning
over this ugly city -
and that makes me happy
and that makes me happy
and that makes me happy
that makes me happy.

8. i have just been given this news by their management:

"Love Songs For Patriots" has just been released in the UK and Europe by Cooking Vinyl - So far the response has been overwhelming; 5 star/Album of the Month in Uncut, 4 Stars in German Rolling Stone, 4 stars in The Guardian, 9 out of 10 in TNT, 8 out of 10 in Classic Rock. I guess you can say the critics like it?"

9. Look, just fecking go out and buy the damn thing, ok? And then check out their website and see if they're touring near you... i am also reliably informed that they're touring in the U.K. later in the year too...

10. And if having bought it, you find that you don't like it, don't come whining to me because you have a small pebble for a heart!

11. Um, you don't think that was too passionate a list, do you? Didn't go over the top, did i?
(grins embarrasedly). Well they are my band. An' i love 'em with all my band-lovin' heart. More importantly, i wanna share that with you who read this misbegotten website.

12.Take care. One and all. The Saturnyne loves you too, in his way.


  12:58 pm :. Blogger Janey hollered thusly:

They only got three stars in Q. And The Independent. But see - I was looking! And both spoke highly of the band.

  2:54 pm :. Blogger The Saturnyne hollered thusly:

"Q" tchah! Bunch o' tossers who probably only played it the once... Same as The Independent!


For the definitive review, go read the one in Uncut. Now that guy obviously knows what he's talking about...

  3:53 am :. Blogger ophelia's nymph hollered thusly:

Take care. One and all. The Saturnyne loves you too, in his way.Does that include me? :D

  7:33 pm :. Blogger The Saturnyne hollered thusly:

In my "genius" way, i have three answers for you

1. I refer the right honourable (yet saucy) young lady to the comment i made earlier. (I've been watching Prime-Ministers question time. Y'know i really wish they'd swear sometimes. Y'know they want to. I can see it now... "May i remind the Right Honourable Member for Scunthorpe (south) that he realy is an utter cunt. And not only that, but his wife is cheating on him. With me.Mainly because he has a small penis, as i am reliably informed." heheheh!

2. The Saturnyne makes no distinctions in his love. But loves all equally and with compassion. He believes even a person who has comitted terrible acts of cruelty and greed may be redeemed. Of course if someone's behaving like a fucker, then he'll still call them a fucker...

3. Buy me a drink (preferably a nice cocktail in a tall glass, with straw and umberella and other accoutrements) and i'll definitely consider it... =}

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