26.9.04 | The Horror In The Castle Kitchen

Gather round, gentle readers, while i recount the night of dreadful terror that befell me recently in my own home... My own home, i say!

A storm is coming. I feel it in my blood. In my bones. I shiver, and wrap my long coat around me tighter pulling the collar up to ward off the worst of the fierce chill winds, that even now are pulling my slender form around. Briefly i gaze up into the night sky, seeking a hope of starlight beyond the gloom of these heavy-laden rainclouds.
I step away from the battlements and gatehouse as the first freezing raindrops bite into my face.

Walking swiftly across the courtyard towards the light of the kitchen, my eyes are drawn to something fluttering 'gainst the kitchen window. Why, 'tis a large Deaths-Head moth. An Acherontia Atropos. It is struggling valiantly with the wind and driving rain. It is dying. Unless... in a burst of sudden sympathy for the creature, i quickly catch it in my cupped hands, struggle awkwardly with the kitchen door and release it onto a nearby cupboard. I am not overly fond of insects in my kitchen at the best of times, especially the fluttery kind, so i am surprised at my charity.

It seems to be resting for the moment. I lean in a little, the more easily to study it's beautiful and fragile wings and body. Gerald (for so i have Christened him. Obvioulsy a "him") warily stares back at this giant of me. I do hope he's sufficiently grateful enough for this sanctuary to not trouble me while i prepare my evening meal (or "Tea" as we Sykers call it).

Gerald-Moth barely moves, while i set about preparing myself a yummy salad. Carrots: check. Onions check. Lettuce and other crap: checky-check. I gingerly pull the carrots out of the fridge, and reach for an onion.
The phone rings.
Distracted, i head into the lounge to answer. Not so distracted that i don't shut the kitchen door to prevent Moth wanderage, though.
It's Pumpkin. We have a brief but lively discussion about what should be done with my body once i'm dead. The conversation ends with me regretfully informing her that she'll have to sort out the pulleys and levers with the taxidermist herself, if that's what she really wants... but more on that another time...

I head back into the kitchen, wondering idly how Gerald is doing..perhaps he's peeling the onion in gratitude for my saving his mothy life... Upon opening the kitchen door though, i immediately sense that there is something terribly wrong.
And then a wave of hatred washes over me, so thick and intense that i am left retching and gasping for breath. Brought to my knees by it's sheer ferocity. Aaaa!
I sense their presence, then. Their malevolent aura, reaching out to consume all life. The warm kitchen air must have roused them. Damn my foolishness. I must think quickly. Or all is lost!

What to do? This is a fine pickle i'm in and no mistake. But luck seems to be with me, for the moment. I am not yet under aerial assault, nor a direct mind onslaught so they must not have yet become aware of me. Making a mental note never to underestimate the forces of darkness again, i settle down and calmly assess the situation.

I need a weapon. If i recall, i'd left a very sharp knife on the worktop. That would do the trick. I risk a glance. Yes! But Nooo!- my enemies ares sitting 'tween me and their destruction and my salvation!
Then i remember Gerald.
New plan!

"Distract them!" i yell enthusiastically to Gerald, and leap into action.

Pirouetting with the grace and skill you'd only find in an Aardvaark, i dance my way along the kitchen shelves, and somersault perfectly, to land in a twisted heap of cracking bones, erupting fountains of blood and twitching ganglia. Ah, i forgot about the kettle.
Oh, well, but my prize is within reach and i set upon my nemesis with vigour, my blade disdainfully smoking with bloody execution. Singing my battle chant; "Caangechewaddamayed..."

No quarter is asked. None given.

At last i am done. I gaze wearily at the heavily mutilated bodies of my foe. It was a long vicious struggle. Could've gone either way, i think, philosophically.

"Bloody carrots! They're always getting ideas above their station. Hey, Gerald- Ya wanna bit o' carrot?" I bloodily wave a small chunk of very dead carrot at Gerald, who has very nobly not moved an inch during the whole confrontation... now there's a moth who likes to stand his ground...

(look, i was bored, ok?!? i thought it would be fun to write about my heroic confrontation with the carrots. It's not like i haven't warned you about how dangerous they are... you'll thank me one day. No really, you will! I deserve a medal!)



  2:13 pm :. Blogger Lizzy hollered thusly:

LMAO! Right dude, at least your boredom takes you to interesting places. =P

  7:25 pm :. Blogger Princess Potty Mouth hollered thusly:

My Hero... I thought there for a moment that you were a gonner... I am so glad to hear your tail or triumph!!!... I am even more glad to know that the moth was saved from such a dreadful evening... however... I bid the good night as well... hello pumpkin

  8:46 pm :. Blogger Janey hollered thusly:

In heroic terms, I think you're on a par with john Constantine. But not as played by Keanu Wooden Head.

  3:13 pm :. Blogger Cece hollered thusly:

I was LITERALLY laughing my FUCKING ass off on that one. I was totally picturing you and your mothy sidekick. omigosh. Now I want rain and wind and TEA! LOVE IT! I saw you...anime-like with your long coat swirling around you Matrix-style...leaping and flipping and flopping! aaaaaaah!

  5:14 pm :. Blogger The Saturnyne hollered thusly:

yeah... like an Aardvark.


  5:42 pm :. Blogger my sun sets to rise again hollered thusly:

Whew! Thats more excitement that I can take.

Aww, I love moths. Which is great because my sister it completely petrified by them. Muahahaha!

  6:17 am :. Blogger me hollered thusly:

I was just hoping the story didn't end with the moth hiding in between the exact leaves of lettuce you were taking a bite of at the precise moment it decided to regain consciousness and fly to the back of your throat in a mad flurry, thereby choking you.. and killing you.

But, I guess if that had happend, you wouldn't be around to blog about it..

  6:41 pm :. Blogger The Saturnyne hollered thusly:

Yeah, the moth did that later. I died.

This is a ghost-writer. *groan* terribly joke...

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