30.8.04 | Something To Look Forward To (Oh Joy)

AS i remember some of you enjoyed that Philip Larkin poem i linked to the other month, i thought i'd put this one up by his friend Kingsley Amis, i've had this cutting lying around the castle for some small while now and it's about time i threw it out... too much clutter on me desktop already, y'see...
A view of ageing, i have read, and would agree, that it makes a very fine companion piece to Larkins Aubade. The full article from which i'm copying it can probably be found on THe Guardian newspapers website (see Linkage Bollocks down side) But i can't be arsed to go and look for it for you just now. So here it is:


Things tell less and less:
The news impersonal
And from afar; no book
Worth wrenching off the shelf.
Liquor brings dizziness
And food discomfort; all
Music sounds thin and tired,
And what picture could earn
a look?
The self drowses in the self
Beyond hope of a visitor.
Desire and those desired
Fade, and no matter:
Memories in decay
Annihilate the day.

There once was an answer:
Up at the stroke of seven,
A turn around the garden
(Breathing deep and slow),
Then work, never mind what,
How small, provided that
It serves another's good

But once is long ago
And, tell me, how could
Such an answer be less than
Be right all along?

Vain echoes, desist

Kingsley Amis


  8:51 pm :. Blogger Jessie hollered thusly:

Ooh. I suppose forewarned is forearmed.

  11:33 pm :. Blogger The Saturnyne hollered thusly:

true. i sometimes wonder why we spend all our time trying to extend our lives if we are unable to appreciate the extra time. Perhaps we should instead try and live our lives as fully as possible and just go out in a flash?

A flash!!!
Curtain falls.
Roll credits...

yeah, i'd like that.

  10:53 pm :. Blogger Carl hollered thusly:

Electric socket...

You'll have to provide your own curtains though.

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