3.8.04 | "Resilient" Is a nice word, wouldn't you say?

(For Pumpkin)

Her Jazz

Her jazz
flows around and through me
and won't ever let me go...

irridescent perfect waterfalls
of million perfect notes
now tears, around a heart
new filled with wonder
a mind now lost
in a liquid
sound of ecstasy floats

a pleasure by pure
selfless being of alive
her jazz

- The Saturnyne

I wrote that a very long time ago. Memories of a Jazz concert. Title stolen from an Indie riot grrl song. About being with someone i loved, and still love enormously. And their passion. Someone who has taught me the true meaning of unconditional love, and still has so much to teach me. Dear reader, i have met a great many people in my lifetime, and although i meet fewer now than i would like, i have only ever met one person who has made me think "Wow!- this is a somebody who can change things."

As i write this, a storm rages outside and i long to go walking into it's fury. And like all storms, calm follows. Pumpkin and i have had a tormented few days. But i think we're through it all. My best friend is still my best friend.


Sooo... anything interrestin' happen while i was away? Alien invasion? Presidential assassinaton (I wish)? Happy potato mysteries?


  2:55 pm :. Blogger Janey hollered thusly:

Good to have you back sweetie!

I met a psychic (?) medium this morning who heals people with the help of angels Michael and Uriel.

All in a day's work in my new job!

  3:19 pm :. Blogger The Saturnyne hollered thusly:

wow! That sounds cool. I'd be well into that. It sounds fuuun!
I wouldn't be back without a little help from certain friends...

  5:10 pm :. Blogger Tam hollered thusly:

Email! Check your goddamned email for the love of all that is holy and sugar-sweet! Have had it up-to-here (5 ft, or so) with bounced mails.

  1:42 am :. Blogger The Saturnyne hollered thusly:

hah! Yerss! tell me about it! bloody email bollocky bollocks! i did do. and replied! Yaay! (cue lotsa imaginary smiley emoticons).

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