8.8.04 | Mmm! Mmmmmm! Sensual Taste Sensation Alert!!!

Today, o' lovely and gorgeous reader, and i do mean YOU (And especially you, madame, in that loose and short summery dress, which looks extraordinary when you wear it o-yes!)... (But not you, Carl... you look right rubbish in dresses of any kind)

Today, i have discovered a new and ultra fabulous taste-sensation! And am willing to share it with you for the princely sum of...

Your-undying-gratitude! Or mebbe you could be mah love-slave for the day... (Terms and coditions apply)

Sooo... I share!

Take yummy dark chocolate (It's gotta be dark chocolate, otherwise i mock you without mercy... plus it really does work better than that wussy milk stuff, which only pretends to be chocloate)

Then take yummy cranberry juice (Wossat? you don't like yummy cranberry juice? Do i care? No... now stop interrupting and make way for the yummy alcohol bit).

THEN(!) take yummy gin or maybe yummy vodka (Or perhaps any yummy white spirit?- i dunno i haven't tried any others)

Then, mix yummy cranberry juice and yummy alcohol stuff to taste.

Add yummy straw.

Melt yummy chocolate (DARK! DARK!!!- D'YA HEAR!!!) in mouth and suck other yumminess through straw, thus allowing all ingredients to come together in one mass of ultra-yumminess!


This will make taste buds ecstatic. Party in mouth will ensue, and much pleasure will be felt throughout the evening...

For added fun, bring loved one's tongue into mouth to share in yummy and exotic party atmosphere... Happiness multiplies! Yaay!

Finally, remember to thank The Saturnyne with small gifts and/or sexual favours. (Terms and conditions apply)

I thank you.

PS: for added pleasure you might like to play songs by
Galaxie 500 while you have your yummy mouth party... because they just go sooo well together with liquid sensuality... here's a song i found on the site, a cover of The Sex Pistols "Submission" Yummy Song... lovely guitar stuff! Lovely site! The first musical love of my life! (See previous post... or is it the one before that?)


  7:41 am :. Blogger Janey hollered thusly:

sounds mighty fine to me dear. Just one problem. Hangover. Big. And I had to make do with Galaxy chocolate as the shop didn't have owt else. And the lyrical genius and top tapping delight of Franz Ferdinand.

  9:07 am :. Blogger Princess Potty Mouth hollered thusly:

I miss you I need you I run into a wal.. Ouch that sort of hurt... um sounds yummy to me.. bring onthe drunken binge.... ooo chocolate and cranberrries and vodka.... if that isnt good I will have to hunt you down and kill you for makingme eat chocolate... wait never mind... so dark you say... got *puts dark chocolate, cranberry juice, vodka, and sex toys on shopping list* Hmm Ithink that will do ... ? maybe I should by some food too... neh unnessesary int he end I suppose.... later... miss ya

  11:14 am :. Blogger modern monkey hollered thusly:

yhmmm...and yummy Cranberry Vodka [Finlandia]could be? You'll have 2 in 1 ;D it's *trendy* to have in one thing as many as you can ;D
and what more can I say... I'm addicted to chocolate :)and sensual pleasure too =)
You're right, Submission is very good song ;) That's what I like ;)

  6:22 pm :. Blogger The Saturnyne hollered thusly:

Janey?!!- Galaxy choccie??!!?? whmmm? I seem to recall this being the second time you've "Had to make do" with this posh charver (hah!) choccie substitute... Methinks someone in Newcastle has secret fetish for tawdry chocs... and so i am informing ver Taste Police, who i am reliably informed, already have you on their books, concerning other "unspecified" offences for crimes against yumminess, and indeed, grooviness in general...

(oooh, the shame!!!! Wot will ther neighbours say?!?!)


oyeah, my scrumptious recipe also tastes just as spiffy without the alchohol bit. But the straw is a MUSTTT!)

oyeah 2: And if you find you don't actually like mai recipe, then you are obviously owning the wrong kind of taste buds, or they're depressed, and you need to see a doctor immediately for either; 1: A taste bud transplant, or 2: Taste bud counselling...

  6:36 pm :. Blogger Janey hollered thusly:

I foolishly sent the only bar I had left of Green & Black's dark orange and spices to a deprived American whose never had the opportunity to sample fine chocolate (via the real mail nonetheless). So I have to make do with the pants stuff til I go to town (and the only shop I know sells it - Oxfam).

Soooooooo....what are the terms and conditions? Just curious...

  7:06 pm :. Blogger The Saturnyne hollered thusly:

Terms and Conditions: er... utter gorgeousness? Laughing at all my very bad puns... even when they're not in the slightest bit funny? Umm... err... being totally bowled over by mai own gorgeousness and thus fancying me like mad in a sex-crazed-nympho kind of way?

Hadn't actually gone so far as to think that one through, as i didn't think anyone would fall for it... still... if yer interested, i guess i could overlook yr "discrepancy" with fake choccie... just this once, mind!


Bloody Hell, it's sooo effin' humid today! Really really bad! blehhh!

  12:36 am :. Blogger Carl hollered thusly:

Alcohol, dark chocolate and cranberry juice ? You're just taking the piss now aren't you ? Anyway I look pretty good in a burka.

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