15.8.04 | How the West Sees Muslim States

We all remember the horrors of World Trade Centre attacks. We all saw the news footage. It's not something that can easily be forgotten. Nor should it.

I also remember news footage shown of Palestinians cheering and celebrating in the streets. It's hard to imagine how a people can be brought to this state. You really have to be one of them to understand how low they have sunk, methinks. This post is not about them, however, as much as i sympathize with them and their plight. Nor is this about the poor victims of 9/11.

No, this is about the people of Iran. Another Arab state demonized by the West.

Does anyone recall the news footage from Tehran on the day the Twin Towers fell?

I don't. I don't remember seeing anything at all from that country on the day. Nor the day after.

And yet footage there certainly is. I saw some the other night. There was an in-depth documentary on the BBC (Very late at night i might add. not very brave. I have noticed a particular trend in recent years, regarding Muslim-friendly/anti Zionist programs being shunted into the late night t.v. slots)

The footage i saw was of a demonstration. A large demonstration against terrorism. There were chants too, shouting "Condolences to America". Many candles were alight. People, both men and women wept openly.

So. I'm wondering. Did i just happen to be out of the room when this was shown on the news? Or did it simply not get broadcast? Whichever country you live in, i'd be pleased to hear from you and whether any footage of this nature was shown there...

I think i should point out in closing that i am neither pro-Arabic nor anti Israeli. Just pro-human rights. There are many governments around the world which deny their citizens basic dignity and basic human rights.

Dear reader? Do you know what your government is doing? Tread carefully. Tread bravely. Wherever you are...



  9:18 am :. Blogger Princess Potty Mouth hollered thusly:

All I have to say is that someone told me they were going to bed... I think its pretty obvious that you didnt... although... it may be later here but it is morning there ....

  9:42 am :. Blogger Lizzy hollered thusly:

Hmm, never really noticed that before. But then again, I don't live in the west. Its sad how things are.

I guess opening broadcasting that the Muslims too, have hearts, would not be good on the relations with the other pro-Zionist countries. Good relations between countries always seem to be rather fragile. Like with my country (Singapore) now. China wants to severe several trade relations with us because our Prime Minister visited Taiwan, hence 'hurting' the feelings of our 'friend' China. If good relations could be strained so easily, what damage could be inflicted from showcasing the fact that the Muslims actually have hearts?

Anyway thanks for leaving a comment on my blog. Appreciated muchs. =)

  5:06 pm :. Blogger The Saturnyne hollered thusly:

*coughs embarrasedly*

Well Amanda, i did go to bed. but some neighbours in the castle next door but one were having an effing party. When i did drop off, i was awakened by some idiot pretending that a cardboard tube or something was a trumpet. Not pleased. Then i just had to get those thoughts out of my head... they'd been niggling me for days...

So i did a post.

Then i went back to bed. I finally got to sleep at 8 a.m. still not pleased. Ruined mah beauty sleep!

Hi Lizzy!
Nice to see you back here again.
Doesn't it always seem to be the case that the big boys in the world are always pushing around the smaller?

It gives me a headache, if i think about it too much. I get so angry.

  6:19 pm :. Blogger Princess Potty Mouth hollered thusly:

Tisk tisk dear boy... There is no excuse hahahahaha I joke I joke... I'm glad tho that you were embarrassed it makes me feel as if I have done my job... yay me... sorry to hear about your beauty sleep tho... I knwo that feeling all too well

  3:24 pm :. Blogger Janey hollered thusly:

Good post. What pisses me off is how our glorious leaders in the West believe they know what is good for everyone else, without taking into account the rights, traditions and beliefs of the people who are to them just a commodity.

  2:19 pm :. Blogger SingleFin hollered thusly:

Have you seen Bowling for Columbine? It'll make you very, very glad you don't live in the US

  12:19 am :. Blogger The Saturnyne hollered thusly:

sitting at the pc... "message from Singlefin" in the old Inbox... good job i just realized i could click on the msg and be taken here... otherwise i'd've been looking all ove rme blog for it... ahh, the wonders of technology...

yeah, i saw it. Haven't seen the new one yet, though. I'm just praying they don't let Bush and his buddies back into office... Jeez... not FOUR MORE years!!!!

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