10.7.04 | How Odd...

...My profile and utterly handsome piccie have emmigrated to the bottom of the page.
"Oi!- Piccie! Get yer arse back up here now!

Umm, anyone know how to repair blogs? Anyone good at disciplining errant piccies?
Big snog for the first reply!
Small peck on the cheek if you come second...erm, or happen to be male.
Third place gets a flirty glance
The Wooden Spoon prize gets me singing my rendition of The Cure's "Boys Don't Cry". On helium


  8:52 pm :. Blogger The Prisoner hollered thusly:

in the template near to the heading that says profile, try putting align=top somewhere, can't offer more than that, i suck at html

  8:53 pm :. Blogger The Prisoner hollered thusly:

how odd, when the comments are up it's at the top


  4:06 am :. Blogger The Saturnyne hollered thusly:

Coolio. Muchas something or other.
And the peck on the cheek, ladies and gentlemen goes to:... Opens golden envelope. Feigns stunned amazement, mixed with heart-stopping pleasure...

THE PRISONER!!!!!! YAaaayAYaYAYaaaYAayyy!

And unless anyone else posts, you win the wooden spoon, too...

Great! You come first AND last! Neat trick...
(Cuts to presenter on the periphery of the event;

"And we see The Prisoner taking a double-whammy of prizes tonight, for noble services to the world of Blog. This is the first time he has won the much coveted 'Delighted-peck-on-the-cheek-from-Saturnyne' award, and, from the strength of his work so far, we wouldn't be surprised to see him contending for many more, as and when they appear again... whenever that is...)

hm, as i'm now the last person so far to post in this bit, i may have to give myself the second prize... i hadn't thought of that... =)

(Back to the presenter then:
"But wait, ladies and gentleman, there seems to be some kind of scuffle happening to the right of the stage, as some masked intruder... appears to have stolen the prestigious Wooden Spoon... OHhhH!- THE INFAMY!!!!")

(Laughs out loud, with sheer delight)
Odear, this could run and run... let's see, shall we... (or maybe not)

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