25.7.04 | Eat My Spiky Throbbing Cactus, Bitch!

I just had to put these here... this is going in mah links ASAP
Cactus One
Cactus Two
Cactus Three

(I ruptured several vital organs, i laughed so much. Anyone got swapsies?)

(David Blunkett (The U.K.'s Home Secretary and yob) and Sadie are "The UK's cutest couple. David is the blind MP behind quips like, "You don’t need a guide dog for hindsight." And Sadie? She's his faithful mutt who stops him walking into cars. Enjoy Mushybees prickly take on politics."

(Nicked the quote from B3ta.com)


  6:58 am :. Blogger Princess Potty Mouth hollered thusly:

Me laughy me laughy so hard i see cactus I laughy me laughy more and more

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