18.7.04 | Argh! What've they done to my post-editing functions!??!!

Bastards! Bastards bastards bastards! Bastard bollocky bastards!

So i go and look, and they say there's all these things to edit my posts on a toolbar. Not for me there fecking isn't!


If anyone feels like commenting on this. I will add free swear wordy sentences to this post for each comment at no extra charge... hum, i had to read that again just to see if it made even a slight bit of sense.
Basically. You comment. I swear.
UPDATE: Problem solved... but if you leave comments, i'm still gonna swear... Haven't had a good swear in ages, dammit! In fact, i insist! And for those of you who come here, and then nonchalantly and blithely fail to comment... I KNOW WHERE YOU LIVE! Don't make me come around and smile at you. You wouldn't like it.  now then,  i think it's time for my nap.
UPDATE: Any children or those of a sensitive disposition reading this should turn away now. Turn a-fucking-way! 
Aaha! My first comment. (thankee to tha lovely Janey) Sooo......
And now a request for the word 'motherfucker' from indefatigable Tam.
NO. Nooo 'motherfuckers' for at least another six requests, i'm on a fucking schedule here! Although when i do get around to saying 'motherfucker', 'i'll definitely think about saying it just the way you like... oh for about 2 seconds, then i'll say it the way i like, which is: 'motherfucker' only more sleazy, like someone who's just had chocolate licked off them by two dozen virgins... or whatever your own perspective is (hmm, actually the above scenario might not do it for me. but it's a possible interesting example) then it'd be more of a drawn out 'moootherrr-fuuuckerrr.'
No. you can have.
'cause it's one of my favourites.
Aaah, here comes the resilient Amanda. Hi Amanda! You're just in time for another one of my favourite words, one i often screamed at a neighbours pet cat outside the castle. Mysteriously missing since the recent karaoke shenanigans... it is amusing to note that said cat eventually took to it's new name, when it realized that yummy fishie would be on the menu. Cats eh? Noo fucking loyalty! Still a refreshingly controversial word after many years of fond use. Ladies and gentlemen i give you. (loudly. and twice. because. Just because.)
(ahem, i think i enjoyed that one too much)
I said next! Tchah- is that it?!! Three comments? Three fecking comments!!!? I hate you all!!
(slouches off despondently to practice cow-twanging. It's sort of like cow-tipping, only you use a catapult. The idea came to me on someone else's website (See links down side)).
Scruttocks! I'm off to repeatedly hit the space-bar now, here.
No it's not a bar where the intergalactic cowboys hang out, umm, well not as i know it...
Late news! Here comes Al, to save my swearathon, who i know almost nothing about apart from his familiarity with crack-whores.
"Yeah, man, i'm like down to just two a day now, man, but it's like just such a hard barrier to break, man. Y'got any change, by the way?" We feel for you Al. Heheh!
But i also notice he lists War and Peace amongst his favourite books. A fact which i find an enormous relief, because i was beginning to think i might be the only person in the world who'd read it. Phew! (o' course if i'd listed my favourite books instead of my favourite authors AND then forgot to include mr Tolstoy, then i have only myself to blame).
Oh yeah, i almost forgot.
Wank! (A particular favourite here in the U.K. Often extended to "Wankaaah"(wanker) when yer realy wannna start insulting someone cheerily. Eg; "Who's the wankaaah in the hat!"

Well well well! Lookee here! 'tis THe Prisoner arriving like the proverbial white rabbit. bit fucking late, aren't we?! And Amanda, too!- Back for more!

Well i was getting kinda bored of it all by now, but seeing as ye've put some extra effort into it, i'll give you both two fucks, a shite, and a chutney spanner.
Chutney Spanner. (Damn!- I was saving that one for a 'special' moment.
Next! (If i can be arsed anymore. Hahah!).


  9:02 am :. Blogger Janey hollered thusly:

You swear, boy!!! I did something similar when using the new edit function and it stuffed my entire blog when I tried to use block quotes. Stupid bloody blogger....

It's funny, though I swear like atrooper off-line, I find it very hard to resort to my geordie fish wife origins online....!

  12:36 pm :. Blogger Tam hollered thusly:

Are we allowed to request epithets? Because I want a hearty 'Motherfucker' said (typed, that is) with near visceral remorse undercut by a bittersweet longing for summers past, hand holding and more innocent times.

I'm sure you have the range.

  5:01 pm :. Blogger Princess Potty Mouth hollered thusly:

Well I have dubbed my self as princess potty mouth we should have a swear off of course I ont win but its always fun to swear...... Mittens,,, as ralph would say any.... this is one of those times when terettes would be a good thing to have lol

  4:50 pm :. Blogger al hollered thusly:

If Québecois swearing counts I'll take ya's all on.

  6:00 pm :. Blogger The Saturnyne hollered thusly:

Cool! i've always wanted to learn to swear in different languages! I bet Qu├ębecois has some really unflattering things to say about people, doesn't it? Aaace! Tell me more! Aah, that reminds me. I can swear again...

Nice of yer to drop in, btw.

  4:41 pm :. Blogger Princess Potty Mouth hollered thusly:


  7:49 pm :. Blogger The Prisoner hollered thusly:





  6:52 am :. Blogger Princess Potty Mouth hollered thusly:

plain and simple... of course you already know what I'm talking about... but the swear and ulimate winner is... cunt

  4:25 am :. Blogger The Saturnyne hollered thusly:

Gaah! I've got borred of adding swear words by now! You just want another "fuck" outta me, don'cha?!

I think about it... (grins)

I dunno, some women are insatiable... heheh!


  10:10 am :. Blogger f3speech hollered thusly:

What's all this about then?

You're always bloody moaning. You moan more than a creaky old door! Moaning is my domain, so don't you invade it!

Where's your glasses you specky fucker. Don't you know that walking round without them is bad for your eyes? AND... your eyes look like piss holes in the snow without them, so I don't know who your trying to impress. Put them on b4 I poke you in the fuckers.

Pictures of flowers... you big puff. Don't tell me you've decided to vote for the other party you goddamn sausage jocky.

Poncing around playing with a bloody website... honestly, you'd think that you had nothing better to do with your time. I want you out of bed and round at my house in ten minutes - you've got wallpapering to do you lazy git.


Yours grumpily, your best m8 F3 =^..^=

PS. Love ya really ;o)

  3:56 pm :. Blogger The Saturnyne hollered thusly:

You beeeetch!
Hiya babe! Nice of you to pop round. And to think, you went through the trouble simply so you could post on my blog. MY blog! Yr a true friend!!!

Yeah yeah, decorating shmecorating!

Yours in amusement. Catch ya later! Say hi to the cats for me! love ya too.

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