14.7.04 | Aha! Have links! Ta-daa!

Just had time for six so far... the perceptive amongst you will notice something called Dæmonic Keystaves, which while not a blog, i have added out of my great friendship to the site's owner. He recently had his original dotcom site nicked by some oh-so-nice company 'cause it was getting a few million hits a year.

What it is: A free download site for classical sheet music. 'tis most excellent, if that's your bag. What's more he's a fabulous guitarist... who i admire most hugely... he'd beat jimi Hendrix into the ground... if he wasn't there already...hah!

In fact i just had him playing one of the more complicated guitar pieces on MSN to me. Thanks Dan.

Right. I don't intend to comment on any future links in the sidebar if i can help it. Unless there's special need. It'd get kinda boring. Just go find 'em yerselves.

Next up: More Pumpkin conversationals. (Probably) With extra helping of Pumpkin. Just for you! Oh how the gods must love you.


  3:19 pm :. Blogger Princess Potty Mouth hollered thusly:

*virtual hugs accepted* They were needed i assure you and I got the same at work well not virtual tho, just a friend at work anyway, Surly you may add me to your Msn if you see fit to do so, crazy_baseball_fan@hotmail.com. Its funny that you would mention Insomnia for I too recently experienced such sad sorrow of this feeling, ONLY I HAVE NO OUTLET WHEN I NEED IT!!!!!!!! ARG I recently went to the movies and saw King arthor, its a must see. I found that my"love" is no Longer, I have been slightly crushed but I do not worry too much for we were friends before I was in like so things are still good, and I was recently asked out like well yesterday i was asked to go out and enjoy an evening of fun filled illigalness, which I will surly go and enjoy one of these days, However the one with whom I was falling for has so invited me to come and live with him and so I may find myself moving once more to a home I think that shall truly love and enjoy and this makes me happy beyond beleif and I am rather excited about it.

definatly keep in touch with me I love that you are always there with your great advice and take mine and got o bed, sleep is where dreams come and dreams are what keep me going either tha or I will have to pressure you to sleep. DO IT DO IT!!! *that was peer presure btw*

Later Amanda

  4:39 pm :. Blogger The Saturnyne hollered thusly:

ono! Not the peer pressure! Not the peer pressure! HAh!
Ok, i succumb and concede that this is a wise thing to do. but if i lay there in bed and can't sleep, i just get bored. Then irritable. So i get up and pace around.

fortunately, as i live alone for about half the year these days, i don't keep anyone else awake, too. lol.

Perhaps i should hire clowns to entertain me at these times... i find clowns boring and tiring, unless they're in great pain, and so this might make me doze better.

Or prostitutes. What does a prostitute cost? Anyone? Yeahh, clowns and prostitutes! Juggling and stuff!

  3:55 am :. Blogger Princess Potty Mouth hollered thusly:

HEHEHEHEHE yes clowns in pain amuse me as well however the prostitutes are unnessisary for I'm sure as a man of your stature (btw I have only your pic from which to go from) you should be able to find a lady friend a human lady friend by which to amuse you on these most boring of nights, (I also beleive you resemble a rather stunning veiw of Heath ledger and him being a rather good looking fellow you should have no problem succeeding in this task I set before you)

A I nearly died today twice, as it had been months and months since my last rigiourous workout I so decdided today was the day to get started again, well little did I know that my bad habits would catch up to me and I would befall tradgedy in running, Ah how I love the asthma, grr

  4:23 am :. Blogger The Saturnyne hollered thusly:

Darlin' i have absolutely no idea who Heath Ledger is. I have to go and look for th' blighter now... aha, found 'im. mmm not my idea of good looking, but then i don't tend to look at guys much anyway.

As for my photo. One of my friends said i look absolutely nothing like it. (Quite correct, as i rather think anyone THAT pale would be dead) I assured him it was me, however. Perhaps i need to take some new pics... 'twas the only halfway good one i had.

'tis verr sweet of you to consider me in such a generous way, tho'. Yer can stay in my lounge and indulge in my hospitality for as long as you want methinks... mmm, i wonder what you look like now... surely not Betty Boop?!

(The Saturnyne hands Amanda a glass of his finest virtual red wine, just to see what she does with it...)

"human" lady friend. *snort* *chuckle*. That's funny.

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