1.7.04 | Yup, the last post i completely deleted; sorry you missed it : |

Well it wasn't going anywhere on the first bit... Just a "hey there" to a friend who said he kept reading this blog. Lol, some people really are masochists...

And the first comment was rather rude and ungracious, despite having a little merit here and there. (THank-YOU DLW).

And while i thought my reply was good, it was a reply, and woulda looked odd on it's own. Mebbe it needs it's own post.

So DLW. I've decided this. If yer wanna pass criticism, or even any kind of comment on my blog; Then please do it when ye've got yer own and a profile to go with it. You could even call it the "Anti-Saturnyne Page" if you must. Anything...

Until then, regretfully, i shall delete any future posts you make in your anonymous way, as i feel it's not in keeping with the spirit of the Lounge. If i wanted anonymous comments, i really would've set it up for that.

I really hope i never find out who you are...


I hate having to speak like this...


  7:31 pm :. Blogger Carl hollered thusly:

Ooooooooh I missed it, was it good ?

  8:28 pm :. Blogger The Saturnyne hollered thusly:

nah, it were crap!
I said "Hi Carl, you still reading this... stuff"
(I see you are. Still no life,then?)
mentioned DLW in passing
DLW came and passed "judgement". Anonymously as usual.
So i said. Nice things.
Then i thought about it some more.... thought "Bloody cheek!"
Deleted the post... which annoyed me immensely... and posted this one.
Tchah! blatant anonymity! Some peeps! THey could at least have made the effort to pretend to be somebody. easy enough.
Profile: I like: Blood, livers and squelching noises, wallpaper and modern art, trees and chainsaws, sodomy and (Insert famous name of your choosing here)... well, you get the idea.... not hard to do. Just pick something that goes together with something else... erm... was that too much information for anybody... lololol

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