6.6.04 | Mmm... Welcome?

Aaah, my first post. Let me introduce myself. I'm The Saturnyne. And i'm your host for this cornucopia of thrills and heart-stopping excitement that we shall vulgarly call a "Blog". Delightful.

Oyeh- Charmed. Pleased to meet'cha. Pull up a deckchair an' sitclose. I promise not ter eat'cha. Tea, anyone? The biscuits are in that tin over there. The one that says with gravity: "Opening this tin... will result in calamity and destruction for the opener". Yeah, yeah, Top shelf. You'll need to use this handy dandy virtual ladder that i've conjured mysteriously out of nowhere...

T'chah! Who'd've thought biscuits could be soooo very interesting? But i'm sure You'll be perfectly... safe...


  10:38 am :. Blogger Dragon LongWind hollered thusly:

mine's a ginger nut

So, Saturnyne ... tell us a little about yourself

who are you, and why did ou decide to launch this blog?


  12:07 am :. Blogger The Saturnyne hollered thusly:

hmm..."Dragon Longwind", eh... methinks we have already met, no?... i note with no small amusement that ye've naught about you in yer (very recently created) bio... so i shall assume graciously that you happened upon my capricious little world, and were so very impressed, you instantly declared your undying loyalty and fanship by creating your own account,simply to post something on mine first. Thank-you. Thank-you.
as for revealing aught about myself, or why i created this page. I can only say cheerily, with glittering-toothed smile, "Pay no attention to the man behind the curtain"... or something similar...

  9:35 am :. Anonymous Tophat hollered thusly:

well i've just realised that i've read your first month of blogs backwards (hand to forehead) not sure how i didn't spot it with that part 1/2 of the pumpkin pillow sesh and the references to earlier posts, but hey i'm new to this so thats my excuse :P

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