15.6.04 | "Edit Profile"!!!! Where's my effing "Edit Profile" button gone??!!?!?!?!

Some bastards gone and nicked it! Arse! I was so looking forward to including funky new stuff in my profile today. New interests! Like tree-smooching and flower-tongueing! yeaaahhh!- I looove nature. The birds and the bees? Bin there. And they were satisfied and begging for more, the slags! Hamster-bothering? I should coco! If it moves, i'll ravish it. If it doesn't i'll still ravish it! If it's dead, ill have a shower afterwards!

Although i draw the line at invertebrates and flies... I have some standards dammit!

...normal service will be resumed in due course... or whatever passes for normal... anything that you can't handle after that, is entirely your own fault...


  7:05 am :. Blogger Tam hollered thusly:

Ha! You're a nutter.

Thankyou for your most charming email, sir, I'm crap at replying -- so until I do -- know that it has arrived and was most appreciated!

  3:37 pm :. Blogger The Saturnyne hollered thusly:

Dear Lady,
Th' pleasure was all mine
(affects deep and over-elaborate bow, last seen in the reign of the good Queen Bess)
(And pulls a muscle)
(and falls over)
(And writhes around on floor in stupendous agony)
(And yet somehow still manages to look amazingly cute and charismatic)...

  10:52 am :. Blogger Dragon LongWind hollered thusly:

And they were satisfied and begging for more, the slags!

As a teacher I feel it's imperative I point out that if the anumals were satisfied, they would have no reason to beg for more.

Methinks your knowledge and understanding of the female sex is equal to my own; for which my boyfriend is fairly happy.

Dragon LongWind

  3:25 pm :. Blogger The Saturnyne hollered thusly:

As a Saturnyne, may i refer you to my comment posted on June 8th below,i feel it may also give you equal pleasure! And the name of this blog ,too, while we're at it... although i wouldn't want to over-excite you too much, so maybe you shouldn't stare at it too long...

I also see no need to alter my commentary, seeing as it was written at a ridiculous time of the morning after a pleasantly large amount of something or other... as such i am illimitably and disgustingly pleased with it...

And shouldn't you be at school? Shouldn't you be too busy marking books/filling out reports/ being abused by childs to bother yourself with my grammar? I dunno, teachers, eh? Way too much time on their hands, if yer ask me... hah!

Finally, i am absolutely furious that, if you are who you say you are- then you're not who i thought you were; meaning one of my friends pulling a fast one. D'oh! (Unless yr bluffing. That would b sneaky) Think i'll have to resort to Plan S. here...

PS. Why did you think i was referring just to female birds and bees, hmm? Hahahahahahaha
PPS. Still, it was nice of you to post a msg, and i've had a pleasant few mins replying. I did rather grin (after my own fashion) when i read it.

  1:41 pm :. Blogger Dragon LongWind hollered thusly:

I am Dragon LongWind

I said that from the start

no need to feel confused: it's the ambience of the lounge that does that


  1:59 am :. Blogger The Saturnyne hollered thusly:


yeah yeah. ok. but it's also a way of being...

you should see my other blogs in progress... i have The Saturnynes Water Closet, Kitchen, Boudoir, Pantry, Vestibule, Lunge, and Swimming Pool, not to mention the Saturnyne Can't Be Arsed (dot com).... erm, not sure where this post is going now, so i shall look off into the distance in a fit of Victorian Melancholy and think of pretty flowers....mmmmmmmmmm

  9:45 pm :. Anonymous tophat hollered thusly:

heroes has started so im leaving my bookmark here and i shall continue at a later date

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