11.6.04 | Checking Out The "Neighbourhood"

I haven't much experience of blogs. The only two i've ever looked at more than once, were Mr Salaam Pax's, 'Where is Raed' blog from the centre of Baghdad. And the 'Belle-de-Jour(U.K.)' blog which is rather fascinating, seeing as it's all about a London callgirls life. Whether true or not, it's well written... umm, i'll post the urls here at a later date when i've learnt how... or rather, when i can be bothered to learn how...

So i decided to have a wander around the blog universe. Check out my nearest neighbours ("Neighbours" being the one's sharing the same (Perhaps i should amusedly say "similar"?) interests.

It astonishes me! So many unhappy people. So many! So very much pain. Call me a big softie

("Yaah!- Yer big softie!")
("Feck off! Yer fecking fecker!"
("Oh! Awww... allright then. Sorry. Bye then. Can i come back later?")
("No. Feck off!"

Anyway, as i was saying: ...blah blah blah big softie... but i really wanted to hug each and every one of them.

Hmm, a serial hugger of the internet! Imagine doing that in real life:

"Hi. You look a bit sad. Can i hug you?"
"Arghh! Get away from me, you freak!!!"
"Just a little hug. How bad could that be?"
"Help! Police!"

So in the end i did nothing (For now). But i am unable to forget... soo... any blogger wanting a hug is welcome to leave a message on my site, lounge around with me awhile in my deckchairs and eat my tainted biscuits (see first post), and i'll get right back to yer. (Smiles a huge friendly and disarming smile. Milk and blood curdle. Children cry. Kings die. Ravens circle and tell bad jokes).


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