28.6.04 | Blackbirds and Karaoke

THis evening, i was most distressed to hear a very bad rendition of "Under the Boardwalk" (A Drifters song? I dunno... my parents have it in their record collection somewhere, i do know that). Not only that, but several other songs were also being cruelly murdered in a fit of drunken pique by my neighbours havinng a barbeque down the street in a style not seen since the last film about Hannibal Lecter ... i peered out of the window to ascertain which house this barbaric outrage was coming from... some vague idea of phoning the police, after all, surely some terrorist act was being committed in my very neighbourhood?

So i'm looking out the window, locate the source- it's gotta be Osama himself, surely? Nothing else could be that "evil", could it?... hmm apart from perhaps the sight of Tony with his tongue deeply superglued into Dubya's buttocks...and all their friends doing similar- but i'm digressing. So i'm looking out, and i gradually become aware of a blackbird sitting calmly on a telegraph pole, about 30' above the "sounds". He's a bird i'm very familiar with, although we haven't got past flirting at the bird-table over caterpillars, and he's normally singing at this time of the evening...

He's not singing now though. Oh dearie-me, no! In fact he looks distinctly unimpressed. He's just sat there, with a pained look on his beak. Indignation welling up within him, he's maintaining great self-discipline, but it's all too plain for me to see, as we're on very good terms, IE: i feed him and his missus, and He sings for me. Obviously a music lover, as all musicians are, I instinctively sense that he's wishing himself capable of wielding heavy artillery and pointing it at this black hole of talent.

And he's thinking "Well, there goes the fookin' neighbour'ood! Bastards."


  5:27 pm :. Blogger Janey hollered thusly:

Thank 'ee for dropping by my blog and leaving such a beautifully executed comment...

What's the humble blackbird ever done to you...now if you'd heard my rendition of 'under the boardwalk', then you'd know you were in trouble.

As to God, I guess as a heretic I shouldn't comment, but perhaps this little tiny island of ours is becoming ever more secular.

And thank you soooo much for that image of Tony and George. I have been deeply wounded by the sight!

  5:36 pm :. Blogger Janey hollered thusly:

ps...Emperor Norton (a like in your profile)...is that the Emperor of America as championed by Neil Gaiman??? It's tugging at my brain...

  7:42 pm :. Blogger The Saturnyne hollered thusly:

howdy (smiles)
Yeahh... it was Neil wot got me turned onto him (Emperor Norton; there's some pretty interesting sites scattered around the net about him... some of them even have pick-chass!)... and James Branch Cabell (you ever read "Jurgen?") and probably several other things, too

Plus, i neglected to mention that i adore Mr McKean, too... i have a lovely little book of his called " A Small Book of Black and White lies"... which is jolly scrumptious!

Y'know, i keep wondering whether i should post this reply back on your page... y'know as in "do people ever go back to a site once visited?" kind of thing... hah!

  11:50 pm :. Blogger Marianne hollered thusly:

The Hannibal Lecter barbeque, eh? Nice imaging.

  12:13 pm :. Blogger Dragon LongWind hollered thusly:


I'm sorry if you didn't get the humour in my post.

I wasn't trying to be rude or difficult

I thought I was funny.

I thought your log was funny

but humour is indefineable; why do some people laugh at one joke, and not another, even when many others laugh at the other one?

I like your site. I understand if i'm no longer welcome here, although I think that would be sad and a little petty/un-necessary

as for my identity ... I prefer to let my words speak for me. what does it matter who I am or what I do in the outside world? If you want to know more aobut me, feel free to ask questions. I'll always be honest and frank. but I don't advertise my details. If people want to know, they'll ask. and i'll tell. that's my line


  8:34 pm :. Blogger The Saturnyne hollered thusly:


I have headache now!

I'll have to read this later.

But. DLW. If yr gonna post here, y'gotta not insult my hospitality at least. Only blog and profile gives you that right, methinks.

Or at least be somebody i know. AND know that i know that i know.... erm... that i, um...know...?

  8:56 pm :. Anonymous Tophat hollered thusly:

well, yea im bored and the heroes marathon isn't on yet and i've found a blog by one of the best characters i met on warcraft! :D i feel kinda of like a kid in a candy store or the time i got promoted to officer and had like 100 topics to read at my disposal and now i find myself in the same situation and im afraid your going to feel the same as i will probably be posting on all of them, not so much because i have something to say more to annoy you :)

so, firstly this blog/topic (what do i call these?) just wanted to say how amazing your writing skills are and i think im going to have great fun reading all of your blogs :D


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