22.6.04 | The BIG question: Does God exist? (And if so, will He find me £600 quid by the end of the week?)

Sooo, my "scientific" hypothesis is this: if i pray a lot for money, American evangelical style; Will the big G. answer? (If anyone else wants to pray too, feel free, as i'm sure it's gonna increase the odds...er, somewhat)

Any negative results obviously may just mean that that Mr God doesn't have much time for sinners or evangelists or cash obsessed folks... Or that i am crap at praying, so we may have to define other praying tests... until we have proof!
(Suggestions for "tests" of all kinds are welcome, of course!)

I'm sure if i'm able to prove (after my fashion), that squirrels can hang-glide, pumpkins can talk and that carrots are very, very angry indeed... then this should be a doddle!

(famous last words)


  1:33 am :. Blogger Princess Potty Mouth hollered thusly:

Your thought are scary i just finished reading your whole blog, and you scare me, I like to be scared way to go!! Wait um maybe your technique for praying is wrong you see i figured even for the little stuff i used to ask god for like well "why certain members of my family had to die?" couldnt be answered whether by "the big G" or even from somewhere down here cause you know we embody god or visa versa or whatever, ok anyway the point I'm trying to make is that If you dotn try you dont fail, if there is a God, God is a Slacker, needing to be taught a lesson, come up with a lesson to teach God that god doesnt know, that will prove fascinating and probably anger god to the point that he/she will be provoked into showing themself OOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOO I'm good lata

  5:38 am :. Blogger The Saturnyne hollered thusly:

ONO! terribly sorry for scaring you! O-dear!- THe guilt! The GUILTTTT! I was rather hoping for a few laughs rather than out and out fear! Still... it's a result of some kind (?) and i should be grateful for that...
Oh wait a moment! You say you like being scared? coool.
Relief all round then! Phewwww! THink i deserve a drink, then...
Now then young lady... d'yer wanna hear something REALLY scary....? (lol)

Utterly delighted for your post. Thanks... will happily return the favour anytime... yr webpage made moi laugh... and that's a commodity i value enormously...

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